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‘Little House on the Prairie’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘Little House on the Prairie’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

When talking about family-friendly television, the conversation should definitely include Little House on the Prairie. This series, which ran from 1974 to 1983 on NBC, brought to light a number of different issues over the years. Michael Landon, who starred as Charles Ingalls, had his hands all over this show. From scripts to dialogue to directing and acting, Landon made sure Little House on the Prairie was shot as well as possible.

Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Rachel Lindsay Greenbush played key roles in the Ingalls family. Then, of course, there were other members of the Walnut Grove community who received notice in numerous episodes. When watching this series, people can pick up on some life lessons that it teaches with humor and grace.

Let’s take a look at the top five episodes as selected on IMDb.

The Richest Man In Walnut Grove

Charles is looking forward to getting a large payday from work that he and his boss, Mr. Hansen, have done. Even Charles plans on paying off a debt with his money. But Mr. Hansen finds out that he will not be paid. This sends Charles and the Ingalls family into overdrive. Everyone gets out and starts finding work. Except for Laura, who continues in school while Mary goes to work. Charles finds more work. Caroline and Laura do their part by planting an even bigger crop of vegetables. All hands are on deck in this Season 2 episode.

I’ll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part II

In this Season 4 episode, Mary finds herself dealing with anger and self-pity while at a school for the blind. She’s definitely missing home, too. But a bright light in her life is Adam Kendall, her new teacher, played by Linwood Boomer. Both of them share their life experiences and find common ground. Yet in Walnut Grove, people might be looking to leave as the town economy goes into the tank.

Sweet Sixteen

Laura decides to take a teaching job away from town in this Season 6 episode of Little House on the Prairie. Almanzo, played by Dean Butler, makes an offer to drive Laura to and from the school. This allows their relationship to grow deeper. Yet Almanzo catches one of Laura’s students touching her. It looks like it might hurt their budding romance, too. This is one of the best episodes from Season 6.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part II

As we tune into the closing episode of Season 6, things between Almanzo and Laura are heating up. And we get a chance to watch how Percival, played by Steve Tracy, and Nellie, played by Allison Arngrim, keep on exploring their relationship. This episode wraps up a two-parter for the Little House on the Prairie series.

A Harvest Of Friends

Charles makes sure his family is in a good location as Little House on the Prairie begins its run on NBC.

They choose to settle on farmland that is near Plum Creek, which is located outside of Walnut Grove. Charles knows that he’s got to keep busy with his growing family. So he goes out and starts working a number of jobs. As people get to see him working around the town, their respect for him grows.