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‘Little House On The Prairie’: The 5 Most Tear-Jerking Episodes

‘Little House On The Prairie’: The 5 Most Tear-Jerking Episodes

Little House On The Prairie had one of classic TV’s most upbeat opening sequences. However, so many episodes were designed to make fans bawl.

The brainchild of Michael Landon, who headlined as Charles Ingalls, Little House is loved by generations of TV fans.

Adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved “Little House” book series, the TV show became renowned for its emotionally charged episodes. Here are five Little House On The Prairie episodes that were grown in a lab to make you blubber.

Mary Copes with Blindness

The two-part season four finale of Little House on the Prairie, “I’ll Be Waving as You Drive Away,” deals with Mary’s blindness.

Dreaming of becoming a teacher and marrying her sweetheart, Mary’s eyesight starts to decline. The Ingalls family’s worst fears come true when an eye doctor reveals that Mary is going blind. In a chilling moment, Mary wakes up screaming for her Pa, terrified of losing her sight completely.

Mary Ingalls attends a specialized school for the blind and learns to accept her condition. She meets a compassionate teacher, Adam Kendall, who becomes her husband. Mary eventually leaves home to join Adam in Winoka, South Dakota, where they work at a school for the blind.

Laura Adopts a Raccoon

In the season one episode “The Raccoon,” Pa reluctantly lets Laura keep an orphaned raccoon she names Jasper. The critter gets into some hijinks but eventually becomes part of the family.

However, things take a turn when Jasper bites the Ingalls’ loyal dog, Jack, after feeling threatened. Laura gets bitten during the incident as well. The animal runs away but returns a few nights later. Charles kills it after the raccoon attacks. Further investigation reveals the dead raccoon had rabies, which means both Laura and Jack could be infected.

Time passes and Charles trudges towards the barn, clutching his shotgun tightly, as Jack’s frantic barks fill the air, stirring his fears of the impending disease. However, to his astonishment, Pa discovers that Jack’s barks were aimed at Jasper, who has returned unharmed. jasper wasn’t the erratic raccoon Charles killed earlier. Overwhelmed with joy, the family rejoices, their sorrowful tears transform into tears of happiness, warm embraces, and contagious laughter.

Pa Finds a Home for Some Orphaned Children

After their mother’s passing, Pa takes on the task of finding a home for three children in this season two episode. Meanwhile, Grace and Mr. Edwards care for the kids. However, Charles reveals that the children will be separated as no one in the area is willing to adopt all three.

On adoption day, as the siblings bid farewell, Mr. Edwards musters the courage to express his feelings. Tired of solitude, he has come to cherish the three children and proposes to Grace. They enter the church as a family, celebrating an impromptu wedding.

Laura Questions Her Faith in a Brutal ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Episode

The season one two-parter “The Lord Is My Shepherd” is brutal. Laura resents the Ingalls’ new baby for monopolizing Pa’s time. Feeling neglected, she wishes the child had never been born. Sadly, the baby dies from an illness shortly after.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Laura flees to a mountaintop, begging God to take her instead. Laura comes across an enigmatic traveler named Jonathan, played by guest star Ernest Borgnine. Jonathan, who appears to have a divine connection, convinces Laura to make her way back to her father. Finally, Charles locates his daughter, and she eagerly rushes into his loving arms.

One of the Most Shocking Episodes of the Series Brought the Floodworks

Major spoilers ahead for one of the most impactful episodes of Little House on the Prairie. In season six’s “May We Make Them Proud”, two major cast members unexpectedly die.

Albert smokes in the basement of the School for the Blind and, when asked to leave, hides the lit pipe in some cloths. A late-night fire caused by ignited pipes tragically takes the lives of Alice Garvey and Mary’s baby son. The devastating consequences leave Albert withdrawn, Mary in shock, and Jonathan Garvey in denial, fueled by alcohol.

Albert runs away, but Pa and Alice’s widowed husband Jonathan find him. Jonathan extends his forgiveness to Albert, assuring the boy that he holds no blame toward him. Together, they make their way back home, their hearts at peace.