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‘Leave It to Beaver’s Jerry Mathers Pitched a Fit Over This Scene That Never Was

‘Leave It to Beaver’s Jerry Mathers Pitched a Fit Over This Scene That Never Was

Leave It to Beaver was one of the best shows on television from the 1950s into the 1960s, starring Jerry Mathers. So, the show revolved around the everyday adventures of a little boy and his older brother. Mathers became a household name and has become globally recognized as “The Beaver.”

The show, which had humorous elements to it, often had “Beaver” in unpleasant situations. Mathers, being the professional actor that he was, was rarely shy to stick to the script and embarrass himself on camera. He made sure that the scenes where he played “Beaver” were a dose of reality to them.

What “Beaver” may not see is that he’s quite a looker and the ladies may stare at him. Still, “Beaver” was able to find plenty of trouble throughout the show’s lengthy run. As friends of Mathers might be wont to say, he’s got a solid head on his shoulders.

Well, Mathers talked about this troublesome scene in an interview with The Television Academy, The Things reported.

Jerry Mathers Will Not Be Seen in His Underwear

“Probably my biggest temper tantrum on set was one time on the show where Wally and Beaver are supposed to be getting ready to go to a big party,” he said. “We’re in front of a mirror tying our ties. They thought it would be cute for us to be in our underwear. I just said, ‘I can’t do that.’ I was probably like 8 years old and I said ‘Everybody will see me in my underwear!’”

Probably a lot of people can understand Jerry being a good, young boy. It’s more than understandable that Mathers did not want family, friends, and millions of strangers to see him in his underwear.

Mathers grew up with a sister. Considering his age at the time, Mathers was rightfully conscious that his friends might make fun of him if he was shown in his underwear on TV.

After Leave It to Beaver ended its run on the network, Mathers spent time focusing on having a real life. Not that he didn’t have one when on the show. He would go on to work in the private sector. But he never could really leave the long arm of show business alone.

Mathers is the only member of the show that’s still alive. And he apparently does not mind talking about his time and life on Leave It to Beaver.

If you are looking to catch up on the reruns, then mark it down in your calendar. Leave It to Beaver airs at 8 a.m. Eastern, 7 a.m. Central on MeTV.