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‘Leave It to Beaver’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘Leave It to Beaver’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

Leave It to Beaver is one of those generational shows, meaning that lots of people grew up watching the antics of Beaver Cleaver. Of course, that also means viewers have spent precious time watching Wally, June, and Ward Cleaver, too. When it comes to classic TV staples, this show has been on since it went off network TV for good in the 1960s. Today, people are still making time to let the Cleavers into their lives.

Where to Watch ‘Leave It to Beaver’

For starters, you can catch episodes on weekday mornings on MeTV. But that’s not the only place you can watch Leave It to Beaver. Other platforms include:

The Cleaver Family is Still Beloved Decades Later

Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley, and Hugh Beaumont made up the Cleaver family. They usually find themselves in different situations all the time. Watching Beaver get in trouble for multiple reasons usually leads to him having a chat with Wally in their bedroom. Sometimes he will ask Wally his opinion about different things. When we see June or Ward enter the picture, they get busy talking with Theodore, Beaver’s legal first name.

Then, of course, Beaver and Wally have their friends who will hang around them. For Wally, he’s usually getting some harassment from Eddie Haskell. Eddie is best known for trying to cause more problems in the Cleavers’ home. Oh, he also finds time to give Beaver some grief. Viewers have watched Eddie sweet talk his way around Mrs. Cleaver, June. Longtime fans know that Lumpy Rutherford makes appearances here and there, too. We also get to see Fred Rutherford, Lumpy’s father, call up Ward, and discuss matters of the day.

Beaver, too, has his circle of friends. Gilbert and Whitey are his closest confidants, usually finding a way to get the Beave into or out of trouble.

When it was first on broadcast TV in 1957, the show started on CBS. It lasted one season there. ABC would pick it up and air it for the rest of its run.

Jerry Mathers played Beaver, Tony Dow played Wally, Barbara Billingsley played June, and Hugh Beaumont played Ward. Ken Osmond played Eddie Haskell while Frank Bank appeared as Lumpy. Veteran character actor Richard Deacon played Fred Rutherford on the show. Stephen Talbot popped on Leave It to Beaver and played Gilbert Bates. Stanley Fafara played Whitey Whitney.

This show has stayed popular with fans young and old alike. Don’t expect this sitcom to go back into mothballs. Take time to check out one of television’s all-time favorite and funny sitcoms.