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‘Leave It to Beaver’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘Leave It to Beaver’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

Leave It to Beaver has provided years of enjoyment for the show’s many fans thanks to its fine acting from the show’s stars. Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley, and Hugh Beaumont all took their roles very seriously on the show. It provided a number of memorable moments. But today, let’s take a look at the five best episodes according to IMDB.

If you like to see Beaver in hot water, then this is your Leave It to Beaver episode. On a dare from Whitey, Beaver climbs up to the top of a steaming billboard bowl. When he gets there, he wants to see if there is any soup. For real. So he ends up in the bowl and gets stuck. The backdrop of this is that Beaver was headed over to a sleepover at Whitney’s house. Also, Wally was having his first teen party at the Cleaver house. He didn’t want Beave to mess it up. Oops.

The Bank Account

Wally and Beaver decide they need some new baseball mitts on Leave It to Beaver. But they don’t have enough money to pull this off. Who does? Dear old Ward, of course. They get these mitts delivered from a pretty snazzy sporting goods store. Ward, though, sees the package and starts to wonder what’s going on. Soon enough, he catches on to what the boys did.

Teacher Comes To Dinner

Beaver invites Miss Landers, his teacher, to come over to his house for dinner. Everything seems to come off without a hitch. Yet Beaver’s friends are not too satisfied with the situation on Leave It to Beaver. Gilbert, Larry, and Whitey decide to come over for a visit. No, they don’t go inside for dinner. They turn into spies and climb up a tree to get a good view of the festivities.

Beaver and Andy

A middle-aged handyman named Andy comes by the Cleaver household seeking some work. As far as Ward is concerned, he’s cool about hiring Andy to help around the house. Yet someone on Leave It to Beaver is not too happy about the situation. June thinks that Andy will become a distraction to the boys and fears he’s an alcoholic. This is one episode worth checking out.

Wally’s Practical Joke

Lumpy Rutherford decides to put exploding bombs into the cars of Wally and Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver. Needless to say, this didn’t sit too well with the boys. They decide to get even with Lumpy. Eddie coaxes Wally into doing their own practical joke on Lumpy. But that ends up backfiring on them. Lumpy’s car suffers severe damage. As it turns out, Wally isn’t too clear that evidence in Lumpy’s car will lead his family straight to the Cleavers.