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‘Lassie’ & Classic TV’s Most Iconic Dogs

‘Lassie’ & Classic TV’s Most Iconic Dogs

Lassie is paws down the most iconic of all classic TV pooches, but a slew of other furry friends have graced the small screen as well. Spanning from the 50s to the 90s, here are some of our favorite dogs to wag their tails on the tube.


Lassie, one of the most iconic dogs on the small screen, is renowned for her unwavering loyalty. Originally portrayed by a male collie named Pal, owned by MGM Studios, Lassie’s role was later taken on by Pal’s puppies in subsequent seasons. Her remarkable strength lay in her instinctive drive to rescue family and friends from dire circumstances. Just hearing the haunting opening moments of the opening theme is enough to bring tears to the eyes of generations of TV lovers.


90s kids everywhere were introduced to classic literature by the titular canine at the center of PBS’s Wishbone. The episodes were divided into two parts: one set in the real world and the other where the little dog would become a character in a work of literature. Undoubtedly, Wishbone shone as the star of the show. Not only did he teach children critical thinking skills but he also captured their hearts. Plus, that intro song is dripping with the 90s feels.

Comet, the Tanner’s Beloved Pooch

Sure, the Tanner’s dog Comet didn’t play an active part in Full House. He’s not going to save little Michelle if she falls down a well like Lassie would. Still, the lovable lab is clearly a part of the family. So vital was Comet’s presence that they had one of his ancestors appear in the sequel series, Fuller House. Take a look at Comet’s origin story as an adorable puppy below.

Rin Tin Tin

Like Lassie, the name Rin Tin Tin is synonymous with a breed of dog. In this case, it’s a German shepherd rather than a collie. Rin Tin Tin initially starred in a series of films before making his way to the ’50s television series, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. This show became hugely popular, running for five seasons with a total of 164 episodes. Rin Rin Tin was well trained and helpful like Lassie, but also brave and, at times, intimidating. This only makes sense, considering he lived on a military fort rather than a farm like Lassie.

‘Frasier’s Dog is Less Helpful Than Lassie, But Way Funnier

It should come as no surprise that Eddie, Martin Crane’s beloved dog on Frasier, tops this list. The lovable Jack Russell terrier was the apple of Marty’s eye. However, he was the bane of the intellectual and snooty Frasier Crane’s existence. Getting onto furniture, eating food that wasn’t his… simply staring at Frasier; the pint-sized pooch was always irritating the psychiatrist. Eddie was played by dog actor Moose (who also starred in 2000’s My Dog Skip) before his son, Enzo took over the role.