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‘King of the Hill’: 5 Lessons We Learned from the Wisdom of Hank Hill

‘King of the Hill’: 5 Lessons We Learned from the Wisdom of Hank Hill

King of the Hill‘s titular hero, Hank Hill, was not just a propane salesman. Voiced by series creator Mike Judge, Hank was a well of wisdom. Running for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2010 (with a reboot on the way!), Hank, a husband, father, and griller, taught us many lessons. Here are some of our favorites, I tell you hwhat.

5. Learn to Love Your Work

Perhaps Hank’s most famous catchphrase is “That boy ain’t right” when referring to his whimsical son, Bobby. Still, he says “I sell propane and propane accessories,” so often it would be tough to tally. It’s central to King of the Hill that Hank has a passion for his work as assistant manager at Strickland Propane. Sure, part of the joke is that it’s a pretty mundane job to be so excited about. However, viewers have noted that Hank is well-adjusted and happy. Appreciating what you have and being content is key to this Texan’s level head.

4. Halloween is Supposed to be Scary

“Elmo, Aladdin, Jenny McCarthy, I Don’t Even Know What These Things Are”, Hank opined in “Hilloween”, season two’s King of the Hill Halloween episode. The episode shows that Hank lets all three inches of his hair down on the spooky holiday. He’s serious about Halloween. However, things are shaken when Junie Harper from his church refers to it as a devil’s holiday.

Hank’s quote above is from when he and Bobby are searching for a Halloween costume and Hank gets frustrated with the selection. Sure, it’s funny that the old-school Hank doesn’t know what Elmo and Aladdin are. However, he’s right. Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary, dang it.

3. Always Be Overly Prepared

“I change my oil at 3,000 miles or when I get bored. Whichever comes first.” Over the course of King of the Hill, Hank has shown an almost superhuman knack for being ready for any situation. One episode even shows he has 2 WD-40s. One for lubing his WD-40 and one for everything else. Hank has a tool for every situation and a tool for those tools. Sure, maybe it’s overkill (that’s the joke), but there’s a lesson there for everyone.

2. King of the Hill’s Best Advice? “Sometimes You Just Gotta Let it Burn”

In season four’s “Aisle 8a,” Hank hands out this valuable advice about the importance of accepting the immutable aspects of life. The episode centers around Connie, the Hills’ neighbor and a dear friend of Bobby, who frequently visits and forms a close bond with the family.

Connie stays with the Hills while her parents are away. However, things get complicated when she experiences her first period and Hank alone must help her through it. Eventually, Hank realizes some problems just have to play out. “Some things are like a tire fire,” Hank tells Bobby. “Trying to put it out only makes it worse. You just gotta grab a beer and let it burn.”

1. Lawn Care is Relaxing

Why would anyone smoke weed when they could just mow a lawn?” This is an observation Hank makes early in King of the Hill. His lawn is a point of pride, his welcome mat to the world. Of course, this is why he is so serious about its upkeep. For Hank, keeping his lawn perfect is a form of meditation. His riding mower helps him escape and deal with issues in his life. We should all be so lucky, I tell you hwhat.