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Kate McKinnon Teams with Mayo Cat in Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Kate McKinnon Teams with Mayo Cat in Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Teaser

It’s lucky for us that Kate McKinnon has found a new way to bring the laughs and it’s just in time for the Super Bowl. McKinnon, who made a name for herself on Saturday Night Live, is featured in an advertisement for Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

What’s funny about this clip, which is below, is that McKinnon gets some help from Mayo Cat. That’s the name of the feline who is crawling all over McKinnon. In the meantime, she’s trying her best to follow a passionate photographer’s lead, People reports.

At one point, the photographer yelps, “Mommy, give me the mayo.” McKinnon looks right at the photographer with a little bit of a possessed look on her face. Then, he says, “Give me label! Give me label!” She does reach out for more mayonnaise bottles to hold up.

“Now mommy, look up and look away,” the photographer says. McKinnon is doing her best to follow and listen to what he’s telling her to do.

Kate McKinnon Goes Crazy For Super Bowl Ad

“Pick up more jars!” he yells. “More jars, please. Can we get ten jars on the set please?” By now, Mayo Cat is just moving and roaming all around McKinnon. Finally, the four-legged animal finds a comfortable place to rest. McKinnon reaches over and picks up another mayonnaise jar.

“Yes, you can hold ten jars. Give the label to me,” the giddy photographer screams. “Don’t keep it a secret.” McKinnon is now looking like one worried woman. This clip runs about 15 to 20 seconds. Hellman’s full advertisement will appear during Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11 on CBS.

This ad will center on Hellmann’s “Make Taste, Not Waste” platform. The company hopes this ad will help viewers cut down on their food. Food waste and cats are two big subjects that matter to McKinnon.

McKinnon’s fans know that she has a soft spot in her heart for cats. She created a character for SNL based on her cat-crazy fandom. McKinnon portrayed Barbara DeDrew, who is a cat lady herself and a cat rescue owner.

After spending a decade raising the roof for laughs on SNL, McKinnon is finding new territory on the big screen. She had a role in the box-office $1.44 billion smash hit Barbie. In the past few days, McKinnon and Jemaine Clement added their names on contracts to appear in Jared Hess’ Minecraft movie.

McKinnon is no lightweight when it comes to getting Emmy Awards. She has two to her name for the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Other film work for McKinnon includes Bombshell, Yesterday, The Spy Who Dumped Me, a 2016 version of Ghostbusters, and Office Christmas Party.

Her feature credits include Bombshell, YesterdayThe Spy Who Dumped Me, 2016’s Ghostbusters, and Office Christmas Party. McKinnon, besides presenting different characters, also is known for doing some wicked impersonations.

Comedienne Found It Hard To Tell ‘SNL’ Goodbye

Yet like many others who paved the path before McKinnon started on SNL, the time came for her to go. She talked about telling longtime producer Lorne Michaels that she was leaving in the Good One podcast for Vulture.

“Telling Lorne was really hard,” McKinnon said in 2022, according to Variety. “He knew it was coming. He was very sweet. But he has been a father figure to me, and so much more. It was just really hard — simple human emotions, not wanting to say goodbye to something you love.”

As tears rolled down her cheeks, McKinnon said, “This is fresh. It only happened two months ago.”

But movies appear to be the vehicle by which McKinnon will hit another grand slam. The comedienne doesn’t appear to be stopping for another TV show at this time.