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‘John Lennon: Murder Without Trial’ Docuseries Trailer Released

‘John Lennon: Murder Without Trial’ Docuseries Trailer Released

John Lennon: Murder Without A Trial, a new documentary series for Apple TV+, just released its first trailer. The docuseries explores the tragic murder of John Lennon, a member of the Beatles, in 1980. It features exclusive interviews with key witnesses, including the doorman who heard Lennon’s final words, Mark David Chapman’s defense lawyer, the psychiatrist who assessed him, and others. Discover the shocking events surrounding this incident and gain deeper insights into this tragic event that shook the world.

To uncover the truth about the incident, the production obtained access to previously unseen crime scene photos. They managed this through the Freedom of Information Act requests from the New York City Police Department. Directed by Nick Holt and Rob Coldstream, the series aims to provide fresh insights not only into the murder itself, but also into the killer’s motives, Lennon’s life, and the profound sadness that his untimely death brought to the world.

Emmy Award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland will serve as the narrator for the episodes, delving into the true motives behind Chapman’s heinous crime. Chapman, a photographer from Hawaii, has left many questioning the precise reasons behind his act of murdering Lennon. This docuseries aims to investigate if religious motivations fueled him or if he was involved in a broader conspiracy targeting celebrities globally. Chapman has previously claimed his actions were motivated by a desire for fame.

‘John Lennon: Murder Without Trial’ is the Second Lennon Documentary for 2023

This year marks the release of the second documentary about Lennon. The first one, titled The Lost Weekend: A Love Story, delved into Lennon’s affair with May Pang, an employee at Apple Records.

It is said that Pang was initially encouraged by Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, to engage in the affair. However, jealousy arose when their connection grew deeper. Their relationship lasted approximately two years until they parted ways, and Lennon and Ono reconciled in 1975. Sadly, just five years later, Lennon was murdered, and this tragic event is now under investigation in the new docuseries.

In happier news, a new Beatles single was released earlier this month. The single “Now and Then” debuted on November 2nd and received praise from fans and critics. John Lennon wrote the tune in 1978, eight years after the band disbanded. Director Peter Jackson obtained a demo recording by Lennon, skillfully isolating the vocals. Then, modern music from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr was added.