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James Van Der Beek Responds to Viral ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Fake Snow Video

James Van Der Beek Responds to Viral ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Fake Snow Video

James Van Der Beek is weighing in on a recent viral video showcasing terrible 90s-era special effects on Dawson’s Creek. It all started when 90s nostalgia guru 90s Justin from Instagram’s 90skid4lyfe shared the below video.

“Man Dawson’s Creek think we wouldn’t notice,” the video’s caption states. The clip showcases a scene from season six of the series, “Merry Mayhem“. In this particular scene, two characters are strolling on fabric that is designed to resemble snow.

Justin directed their camera towards the bottom of the screen, playfully revealing the faux snow and jesting that “Dawson’s Creek” was clearly on a tight budget. Now, Van Der Beek the actor behind the eponymous character, shared the video along with his own clever comeback. “We must’ve blown the budget on tissues,” he quipped on his Instagram stories on Thursday.

Of course, Van Der Beek is referring to to infamous moment his character broke down in tears early in the series. The close-up shot of his ugly crying remains a popular GIF.

James Van Der Beek Isn’t The Only ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Alum with a Viral Moment

Dawson’s Creek originally aired on The WB from 1998 to 2003 and continues to captivate new generations. The show is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

Joshua Jackson, known for his role as Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek, also recently playfully commented on the show’s production value as clips continue to gain attention online even after decades. During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in April, Jackson delved into the widely talked-about “basketball scene” from the show.

During the interview, host Jimmy Fallon inquired why the actor was “trending on Twitter” at that moment. Jackson burst into laughter in response. “You were trending because of a very specific scene that you shot on Dawson’s Creek many years ago,” Fallon teased. “Someone tweeted about it and was very confused.”

In a scene from the show’s first season, Jackson’s character Pacey, and Van Der Beek’s character Dawson engage in a heated argument during a pickup game. Unexpectedly, Dawson impulsively throws a basketball at his closest friend’s face, causing Pacey to collapse to the ground. “The ball hit the camera after it hit my face, and they loved it so much that they — I think we did two or three more takes, is my recollection,” Jackson recalled after screening the scene. “Somebody had some issues they were trying to work out with me,” he joked.

The actor clarified that the ball wasn’t meant to behave that way. After fans analyzed the 25-year-old TV show on social media, Jackson happily explained to shed light on what happened. “This was just a beach ball painted to look like a basketball that got bounced off my face,” he revealed. “I mean, it didn’t feel great. Not amazing.”