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James Gandolfini Once Revealed How He Would Have Ended ‘The Sopranos’

James Gandolfini Once Revealed How He Would Have Ended ‘The Sopranos’

There are fans of The Sopranos starring James Gandolfini who are upset about how the HBO series came to a very abrupt end. Well, Tony has an idea. Tony, as in Tony Soprano, or better yet the actor who played him. James Gandolfini offered his thoughts on how he would have ended it all in an interview.

“I would give closure to Tony by having him whacked and fed to the ducks,” Gandolfini told Channel Guide Magazine. That’s a pretty solid ending right there. There would be no doubt left among fans if The Sopranos ended as Gandolfini suggested.

Well, the same outlet also asked Edie Falco, who played Carmela Soprano, has her thoughts about the ending, too. “Carmela would take over the family, and the food at the Bada Bing would be much better,” Falco said.

‘The Sopranos’ Creator David Chase Offers His Ideas

What about that ending? David Chase, who created and wrote for The Sopranos, admitted that the outcry around the ending was a bit much.

“I had no idea it would cause that much — I mean, I forget what was going on in Iraq or someplace; London had been bombed!” Chase said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2021. “Nobody was talking about that; they were talking about The Sopranos. It was kind of incredible to me. But I had no idea it would be that much of an uproar. And was it annoying? What was annoying was how many people wanted to see Tony killed. That bothered me.”

The Sopranos provided plenty of moments involving crime, family, and personal devotion. Tony did seek to be respected by his group. For the most part, it happened.

What was Gandolfini’s favorite memory from being on The Sopranos set? He replied while mentioning a co-star. “From the first episode, Michael Imperioli trying to drive while we were shooting the sidewalk car chase scene,” Gandolfini said. “He ended up getting into two different fender benders on that same day.”

Just to clarify this a little more, Imperioli is a New Yorker. He was not a driver at the time but he was learning.

James Gandolfini Sadly Died In 2013

Meanwhile, after the series was over, Gandolfini had a bright future ahead of him. Sadly, Gandolfini died of a heart attack in a Rome, Italy hotel room, in 2013. He was 51 years old.

Therefore, what about Falco? Her top memory from working on the show involved a co-star. “It was 2 a.m., a long day, and Nancy Marchand was off-camera feeding us our lines and making us laugh over and over as she kept slapping salami onto her tongue,” Falco said. “All I remember is that there was no other place in the world I would have rather been at that moment than with all of these wonderful people.”

As the show was now over, Gandolfini said he would never wear a bathrobe again. Falco said that she would never cook at all. A couple of other Sopranos cast members have died since the show ended. There has been little to no news about doing a reunion show of any type.