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‘I Love Lucy’: The Classic Show’s 7 Funniest Moments

‘I Love Lucy’: The Classic Show’s 7 Funniest Moments

When talking about getting laughs from a classic TV show, there aren’t many shows that can beat I Love Lucy. Viewers have been tuning in to see Lucy’s antics all the way from the 1950s. Multiple generations have grown up seeing Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, and Fred in different situations. Most of these are of the hilarious kind, sending up raucous laughter from the studio audience. Heck, in some of these moments, you can actually hear Desi Arnaz cracking up off-camera. Well, let’s take a look at seven funny moments from I Love Lucy.

Lucy And Superman

For Little Ricky’s birthday party, Lucy promised that Superman would show up. When things don’t go as planned, guess who ends up dressing like Superman? Lucy. Ultimately, she finds herself on the ledge outside of their apartment…and it’s raining. Good thing that the “real” Superman, George Reeves, shows up just in the nick of time.

Lucy Does A TV Commercial

This time, Ricky is all set to host a variety show on TV. Lucy knows that Ricky is looking for an actress for a commercial. She thinks this is a good time to weasel her way into the picture. But she has no idea who the show’s sponsor is. When she starts pitching Vitametavegamen, early on it’s OK. But the concoction has 23 percent alcohol concentration in it. By the time Lucy’s tasting that stuff, she’s drunk. It makes for some fun on I Love Lucy.

Lucy Tells The Truth

In a twist of fate, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel bet Lucy that she cannot go through a single day without telling a lie. But she runs into a sticky moment when sitting down for a poker game. Ethel is watching her like a hawk. The antics in this I Love Lucy episode are pretty good.

L.A., at Last

After making the trek from New York City, Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel finally arrive in Los Angeles. Ricky has to go to the studio for work. It leaves the three others free to go out and see the town. They end up eating at the Brown Derby with Lucy staring at William Holden. It ends up a mess.

Lucy’s Italian Movie

In this I Love Lucy episode, we are now with the Ricardos and Mertzes as they travel across Europe. We find them on a train when a movie producer thinks Lucy would be great for a role. Well, she ends up going toe to toe with a lady at a wine vineyard. And Lucy ends up stomping grapes and wrestling around in a vat of grapes.

Lucy, Ethel, and Chocolate: The Funniest ‘I Love Lucy’ Moment

In another episode, we end up finding Lucy and Ethel behind a conveyor belt. They are working at a chocolate factory. When the supervisor comes out and sees things are good, she speeds it up. Lucy and Ethel had been stuffing chocolates in their mouths to make up for their packing problems. Hilarity ensues.

Lucy Meets Harpo Marx In Classic Show

For this I Love Lucy episode, the gang is still out in Los Angeles. Lucy’s nemesis Carolyn Appleby shows up out there. But Lucy wants to impress her so she dresses up like different celebrities. One of them is Harpo Marx. Lucy ends up squaring off with Harpo in her hotel room.