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How the ‘Bewitched’ Reboot Will Differ From the Original Series

How the ‘Bewitched’ Reboot Will Differ From the Original Series

Classic TV fans have a deep love for Elizabeth Montgomery playing Samantha in her iconic TV series, Bewitched, so can a reboot make it? And not just a comedy reboot. Nope, people are looking to put a dramatic spin on it. Try and fit an Uncle Arthur-type of character in here on a serious note.

Well, anything is possible in the world of television. Sony Pictures Television is working with Judalina Neira and her Famous Last Words production company to make it happen. What we do know is that there is a one-hour reimagination of Bewitched taking shape.

Neira is in line to executive produce this series, along with Doug Robinson and Lauren Moffat. If you are looking for specifics regarding this Bewitched series, then you will be at a loss. Sony and Neira did offer up statements regarding this production. Casting the show is not a pressing moment at this time. Sure, names are being bandied about based on Neira’s previous work.

‘Bewitched’ Reboot Has Several Questions

Who will play Samantha and Darrin? Will there be a Tabitha on board? Who plays family members? These roles were filled in the original sitcom, which ran on ABC from 1964 to 1972. Dick York, Dick Sargent, Erin Murphy, Paul Lynde, Anges Moorehead, Maurice Evans, Alice Ghostley, and Marion Lorne were part of the original show’s fantastic cast.

In a statement, Neira said, “I couldn’t be more amped to join forces with them for this next big step in my career. And under our newly launched Famous Last Words Productions, I’m excited to both write and produce a full slate of hooky character-forward shows that dish up delight with bite.”

“Judalina joined the Sony family with her work on The Boys, and we are incredibly proud of her contributions to supporting creator Eric Kripke’s vision,” Lauren Stein, Head of Creative, Sony Pictures Television, said in a statement that was published by Deadline. “She brings passion and authenticity and has been such a champion for the representation and growth of Latinx writers — we knew we had to make a deal with her! We are so excited to have her call Sony home and can’t wait for what is to come as we deepen our relationship.”

Neira Had Hand in ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’

By the way, this is not the first time a Bewitched reboot has been pitched, TV Insider reports. There’s one from 2018 with Kenya Barris and Yamara Taylor involved. In addition, there reportedly is a kids’ animation series in the works, too.

Neira’s credits include working on The Boys and Daisy Jones & the Six.

Putting a dramatic spin on such an interesting sitcom will be worth keeping an eye on for sure. How will producers turn witchcraft into a part of a serious storyline? In the original show, producers found a way to make the humor work. Montgomery had a twinkle in her eye as Samantha twitched her mouth for a little magic. As an aside, Montgomery would get approached by people, especially men, years later. What did they want to see? Her mouth twitched. She did not appear to mind doing it all. A daughter of actor Robert Montgomery, Elizabeth worked on the original series with her husband, William Asher.

In the land of social media memes, plenty of them feature scenes from Bewitched. They include a few of Lynde’s humorous scenes as Uncle Arthur. Well, here’s hoping Bewitched can find its way on TV in a dramatic form.