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‘Home Alone’ and ‘Friends’ Connection Fan Theory Finally Confirmed

‘Home Alone’ and ‘Friends’ Connection Fan Theory Finally Confirmed

A fan theory that the home Monica and Chandler move into in Friends is the same as the home of the McCallister’s from Home Alone is true. Sort of.

The theory, which has been circulating for a few years, resurfaced in an Instagram post by Scott Westwood. He cleverly combined clips from the popular series with scenes from the 1990 movie to “prove” that the house featured in the Season 10 episode titled “The One Where Chandler Gets Caught” is the same house seen in Home Alone.

With hundreds of thousands of views, the video emphasizes that the view from the windows of the house is the same as the one seen from the McCallister home. Going viral, it caught the attention of someone who could finally answer the question. Of course, that would be Daren Janes, the art director of Friends.

In response to the post, Janes confirmed that the street view featured in Friends is identical to the one seen in Home Alone. This is because they used the same backdrop that was originally used in the popular 1990s film.

“This is hilarious,” Janes wrote in the comment to the Instagram post. “You caught me. I was the Art Director on FRIENDS & the house was a set. The actors walked in the front door, so we saw outside. We used the backing from a company called Pacific Studios which was made for Home Alone because it looked the best through the door & windows. Great eye my friend!!!!”

The ‘Home Alone’ House Has Been Much Scrutinized Recently

While the house may not match the grandeur of the McCallister residence, observant individuals have long believed that the street outside is the actual Chicago residential road featured in Home Alone. Now, they can confidently confirm that their claims have always been accurate.

The McCallister house, featured in Home Alone, has become ingrained in the memories of moviegoers over the last three decades. However, one sticking point for fans remains how the family could afford such a property. The New York Times recently delved into the current and past value of the McCallister home. They revealed that they would have been in the top 1% of earners in Chicago. The McCallisters would have an annual income of around $305,000 in 1990. Those figures equate to around $665,000 in 2022 numbers.