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Here’s Why We’re ‘Bewitched’ by Samantha Stephens

Here’s Why We’re ‘Bewitched’ by Samantha Stephens

You can find a lot of mothers through many classic TV sitcoms but there are few who radiate the beauty of Bewitched‘s Samantha Stephens. She’s played by Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched. Montgomery’s good-natured demeanor simply shines when she’s on the TV screen.

Samantha’s magnetic personality gets a jumpstart when she’s talking with Darrin, her husband. Dick York and Dick Sargent played Darrin in the series and both had their own style when it comes to reacting and chatting with her. For casual viewers, it might seem far-fetched to say that Samantha and Darrin are a good match. It turns out that there is more than meets the eye between them.

They are madly in love with each other. Darrin does his best to understand when Samantha decides to use her powers but frowns on it overall. We do see Samantha, at times, appear to sweet talk her way out of trouble with him. Seeing their relationship evolve throughout the show’s run draws viewers closer to Samantha and, in turn, Montgomery.

Samantha Stephens’ Endearing Romance on ‘Bewitched’

To say that we are “Bewitched” by Samantha is an understatement. She has an elegance about her, something that works well when watching her deal with people like Endora, Esmerelda, Aunt Clara, Uncle Arthur, and others.

If you recall, Darrin had a little trouble in the beginning believing that he was marrying a witch. He just didn’t fall in love with her for her twitching nose, it was a combination of her beauty, charm, and grace on Bewitched. He seems surprised when she uses her special gifts. When Samantha is twitching her nose or waving her arms for a spell, it’s cute to see. That’s another thing that makes Samantha both cute and cool, she can cast a spell with the best of those witches without scaring the wits out of people.

It also helps that Samantha looks awesome in stylish clothes on Bewitched. When watching the show, it might seem a bit dated as Montgomery bops around in different dresses. If you can simply appreciate how they look on her, then it helps. The show’s costume designers also did a fantastic job when putting her in black dresses. She’d pop one of those on when hanging out with Endora in the witch’s realm. It adds to her beauty and mystique.

Another thing that makes Samantha so special in Bewitched is her focus on her kids. Having Tabitha and Adam gave her a reason to display more of her non-witch motherly side. She always tries to keep Tabitha from using her own youthful magic.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Samantha. She’s cool and poised. Montgomery’s natural beauty adds to her portrayal. It helps us admire Samantha that much more.