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‘Happy Days’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘Happy Days’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

With the popularity of American Graffiti still fresh in people’s minds, it made sense to put together a 1950s-centric TV show in Happy Days. Little did creator Garry Marshall realize when putting the pieces together on this sitcom that it would be really popular. But this show occupied the television landscape’s No. 1 spot at different times. It helped keep Ron Howard busy in a starring role. Of course, the biggest story out of this sitcom was Henry Winkler as Arthur Fonzarelli or “The Fonz.”

Where to Watch ‘Happy Days’

If you are looking to catch up with the Cunningham family and their friends, then head on over to Pluto TV (but there are ads in here as well). As for other streaming platforms, let’s see about it.

The Cozy Sitcom Has Stood the Test of Time

Happy Days has withstood the test of time because of its comedy. Look at all the fun times the gang had when hanging out at Arnold’s (or later Al’s). Howard played Richie Cunningham on there and had some funny guys sticking around with him all the time. Anson Williams played Potsie Weber while Don Most portrayed Ralph Malph. You can see these two cutting it up with Richie a lot of the time.

But the family connection also was important for Richie. He stayed close to his father Howard Cunningham, played by Tom Bosley. The same goes for his mother Marion, played by Marion Ross. Let’s not forget Joanie, Richie’s little sister, played by Erin Moran.

Yet a true bond of friendship was on display between Richie and Fonzie. As you might recall, Fonzie lived above the Cunninghams’ garage at their home. He often would drop in on them and friendly banter would ensue.

What’s also interesting to remember about Happy Days is that the show was capable of having some dramatic moments, too. Remember when Richie was involved in his wreck and was hospitalized? Fonzie is in the hospital room after everyone else had left. In a somber soliloquy, Fonzie asks God for help in keeping his friend alive. We even see him break down and cry. It’s one of the series’ most emotional moments and, in my opinion, one of its best.

Then, of course, we cannot forget about Fonzie taking a flying leap over a shark in the water. The entire episode has even been looked upon as starting the saying “jumped the shark.” Yet there were so many funny moments on that show. It represented what some people call “a simpler time” because of it being set in the 1950s. Happy Days found its special spot in Americana and remains a beloved show.