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‘Green Acres’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘Green Acres’: The 5 Best Episodes, According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

If you were sitting at a bar and someone came up with the main storyline for Green Acres, would you believe them? Well, this funny and interesting sitcom found its way into the heart of CBS’ primetime lineup between 1965-71.

Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor star as Oliver Wendell Douglas and his wife, Lisa Douglas. They move from fast-paced New York City to Hooterville, a small town filled with wild people. They have a helper on the farm in Eb, played by Tom Lester.

The Douglases also have to put up with people like Mr. Haney, played by Pat Buttram. The entire series is played for laughs…and you can’t help but giggle. Let’s take a look at five of this series’ top episodes, according to IMDb.

The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud, The Top-Rated ‘Green Acres’ Episode

Oliver causes trouble in this Season 5 episode on Green Acres. He gets a tax refund check and the other fellows go request theirs. But it’s too late because they have to pay taxes first. Well, they write in to the IRS and state their losses. As it turns out, the good people of Hooterville receive more than $500,000…but it’s a mistake. A bad ball bearing in the government’s computer caused the error. When they come for their cash, they find out that everyone put money into Mr. Haney’s monkey racing track.

Getting Even With Haney

Fred Ziffel simply had enough of Doris, especially her nagging words about doing laundry. In this Season 2 episode from Green Acres, Fred goes and gets a Grabwell washing from Mr. Haney. Now, what could go wrong here? Everything. The machine’s motor goes wild, tossing both water and clothes all over the place. It sends Fred and Doris running. Maybe Arnold joined them. Well, they turn to Oliver to help them out in a court case. All in the good name of getting one over Mr. Haney.

The Birthday Gift

It’s Lisa’s birthday and Oliver comes up with a novel gift. Ever the loving husband, he gives her a horse named Mr. Fred for her birthday in this Season 4 episode of Green Acres. Oh yeah, it’s a talking horse. Side note: Do you notice that the horse’s name is eerily close to reflecting that other talking horse, Mr. Ed? Makes you think. As it turns out, Mr. Fred appears to be a TV has-been. Impressionist Rich Little gives Mr. Fred his voice.

Exodus to Bleedswell

A new defense plant opens up in nearby Bleedswell and the Hooterville faithful go over there for jobs. What does Hooterville do in response? The city reopens its old airplane factory in this Season 2 episode. Now, the city does this in order to complete its Army contract, one that was signed back in World War I.

I Didn’t Raise My Pig to Be a Soldier

You didn’t think we’d pass up an Arnold Ziffel episode, did you? Yes, the focus of this Season 2 episode is the famed pig from Green Acres. Could Arnold be snorting You’re In The Army Now soon? It’s a possibility. See, the draft board sent Arnold a conscription notice. But they didn’t know Arnold was a pig. Oh boy. You will have to wait and see how this one turns out on your TV.