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‘Goosebumps’: R.L. Stine Gave Green Light to Terrifying Disney+ Reboot

‘Goosebumps’: R.L. Stine Gave Green Light to Terrifying Disney+ Reboot

While promoting Goosebumps, executive producer Conor Welch revealed that R.L. Stine actually gave the green light to the terrifying Disney+ reboot series.

During a recent interview with Forbes, Welch spoke about how he and his team approached Stine with the scary plot of the new Goosebumps series. “He watched the cuts and read some of the scripts,” Welch explained about the children’s horror book writer’s involvement. “And really, the most exciting part of the whole process, for me, was after he saw the rough cut of the pilot, and wrote a very congratulatory email sort of saying that he was thrilled with the direction that we took it.”

The Goosebumps series is based on the books written by Stine. Speaking about contacting the famous author for his blessing, Welch said he was awestruck. “So as a guy whose name is bright green was across every book in my bedroom library growing up, it was really amazing to get his blessing in that way.” 

Fellow Goosebumps producer Pavun Shetty pointed out that the show wouldn’t have been done without R.L. Stine giving his blessing. “That’s the most important thing,” Shetty stated. “He created one of the most popular book series of all time.”

Shetty went on to say that the producing team wanted to do the original book series justice. Rob Letterman, who directed the first Goosebumps movie, was able to step into the role of creating the new series. “He went back to R.L. Stine a long ways,” Shetty continued. “And so we had a little bit of trust already built into the development process.”

R.L. Stine Notably Helped Guide ‘Goosebumps’ Producers Early On in the Development Process

Along with giving his blessing, R.L. Stine notably helped guide Goosebumps producers early on in the development process. Welch explained that the author was always a “North Star” to the producers and was nice enough to meet them at the beginning of development. 

“Sort of his [opinion was] that it should always feel a little bit scarier,” Welch noted. “And a little bit funnier than the reader or audience expects and it never talked down to its readers.”

In regards to what the audience will expect throughout the series, Shetty said that there will be certain elements from the original Goosebumps book series that will be in the series as well. “Every chapter ended with a punchline,” he explained. “And anytime things got a little bit too intense, they were tempered by a joke. And so we really took that to heart.” 

Goosebumps premiered last Friday (October 13th) with the first five episodes dropped. New episodes will premiere every Friday until November 17th. The next new episode is titled Night of the Living Dummy.