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‘Gilligan’s Island’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘Gilligan’s Island’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

A number of different television sitcoms may rank as your favorites, but one that has withstood the test of time is Gilligan’s Island. The zany story of seven stranded castaways on an island keeps people laughing. Whether it’s dealing with a lack of electricity or even some angry tribesmen, hilarity ensues. Bob Denver stars as Gilligan, a young man who stands close to the Skipper, played by Alan Hale.

Where to Watch ‘Gilligan’s Island’

If you are looking to catch some episodes pretty soon, then you can see them on Sundance TV with ads. The same goes for the streaming platform Tubi (free with ads). What are some other places to see them? Let’s take a look.

The Castaway Classic Remains a Must-Watch to This Day

Besides Gilligan and The Skipper, there were five others who had to make do with being stuck on that island. Jim Backus portrayed Thurston Howell III, a very rich man. Of course, Lovey, his wife, was along for the fun, too, played by Natalie Schafer. Ginger happened to be a Hollywood star who got caught up in the mess. Tina Louise portrayed Ginger to the hilt. The Professor, played by Russell Johnson, provided the castaways with a sound mind when it came to scientific matters. Mary Ann, played by Dawn Wells, rounds out those who were stuck on the island after the Minnow went down.

Gilligan’s Island was one of the rare TV shows that started out in black-and-white but ended up in color. In the 1960s, this was a big deal as more people were purchasing color TVs and putting the old ones out to pasture. This show had some of the silliest storylines you might not believe.

Now, any good sitcom from back in the day was going to have a solid list of guest stars. Yes, these people actually “found” their way to this island. But it’s a venerable who’s who of actors from that time period. If you catch this show in its B&W form, then you’ll see a very young Kurt Russell as “Jungle Boy.” We’re not kidding here. Later on, be on the lookout for comedian/actor Larry Storch, who took a break from F Troop to appear on this show. Heck, you even get a Don Rickles and Phil Silvers sighting on here. Talk about getting some heavy hitters for your show.

Gilligan’s Island ran between 1964-67 on CBS. The castaways were never rescued at this time. Fear not, though. They would be years later thanks to a made-for-TV movie.