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‘Gilligan’s Island’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

‘Gilligan’s Island’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

One of the more creative TV sitcoms coming out of the 1960s was Gilligan’s Island, starring Bob Denver as Gilligan. He worked on the SS Minnow with the Skipper (Alan Hale Jr). They took five people out for a three-hour tour and all they got was stranded on a deserted island.

Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Russell Johnson, and Dawn Wells round out the cast. This show lasted three seasons on CBS and has been in reruns for decades.

Here are five great episodes from that series.

Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes

When you are a rock music band, there are times you need to simply get away from the hustle and bustle. This is what The Mosquitoes are doing in this Season 2 episode of Gilligan’s Island. But there’s trouble afoot. The castaways have come up with a devious plan. If they can make the band’s life miserable, then they’ll want to leave…and take seven more people with them. Side note: The Wellingtons performed the show’s theme song in the first season.

Pass the Vegetables, Please

Our man Gilligan performs a good deed by picking up a crate of vegetable seeds from the lagoon. Little does he know that the seeds inside the crate are radioactive. This causes some concern and puts the castaways on edge in this episode from Gilligan’s Island.

The Producer

In this Season 3 episode, we find a Hollywood producer making his way onto the island. But he is not impressed at all by Ginger’s acting. Phooey. Yet the gang wants to get the producer’s attention. They decide to perform Hamlet. Their goal? Get off the island! The always-great Phil Silvers guest stars as Harold Hecuba.

The Friendly Physician

Well, business is about to pick up for the castaways. A really mad scientist, played beautifully by Vito Scotti, goes and invites the castaways to his island. That way, he can get busy poking and prodding them for his own experiments in a Season 2 episode.

Up at Bat: A Gilligan’s Island Classic

Season 3, the show’s final one, opens up with Gilligan getting bit on the neck by a bat. That’s freaky enough to scare off anyone. Yet Gilligan truly believes he will become a vampire. He’s so convinced of this that he moves out of the hut he shared with Skipper.