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‘Get Smart’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

‘Get Smart’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDb | Do You Agree?

If you are looking for a funny, humorous take on the spy craze on TV in the 1960s, then stop off with Get Smart. Talk about a show filled with pithy one-liners, a touch of slapstick, and a leading man who fit the script. Don Adams plays Agent 86 of CONTROL, talks like The Thin Man actor William Powell, and leaves you laughing.

Smart finds himself going up against the greatest minds in KAOS. Plus, anyone else who challenges the hard-working people at CONTROL. Max also has Agent 99, played by Barbara Feldon, by his side. And, oh boy, we cannot leave out The Chief, played by Edward Platt. The dialogue was top-notch in Get Smart, a show that came from the creative minds of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.

Let’s take a tour through the top five episodes according to IMDb.

A Spy for a Spy

What happens when kidnapping spies goes haywire? Neither side has enough of them left. This is just a byproduct of CONTROL and KAOS nabbing one another’s hard-working men and women in the field. Max, though, runs into the rather sneaky, wily Siegfried for the first time. Bernie Kopell, known best as Doc on The Love Boat, plays the German quasi-know-it-all. This Season 2 episode will leave you in stitches.

Back to the Old Drawing Board

Well, it appears that KAOS is getting a leg up on their ongoing battle with CONTROL. They are introducing to the world a robot named Hymie, played beautifully by Dick Gautier. But Hymie is on a big mission. He’s out to capture Max and kidnap Dr. Shotware, played by Patrick O’Moore. Who comes out on top? We’ll have to see in this Season One episode of Get Smart.

Hoo Done It

Imagine being in an island paradise for some fun, only to have work interfere. Who would do such a thing? This happens to Max when Colonel Roger Forsythe is murdered by an “exploding” birthday cake. Again, who would do such a thing? The action takes place at the Tuwana Conrad Hotel on the island of Tuwana. Character actor Joey Forman makes his final appearance as Detective Harry Hoo. Here’s a little back-and-forth between

Max and Harry. Hoo: “I am reminded of a similar case in 1952. One by one they died.” Max: “Did you find the killer?” Hoo: “Yes, it was a typhoid epidemic.”

99 Loses Control

In this Season 3 episode, we find Agent 99 accepting a marriage proposal from a handsome and wealthy suitor. Max, though, doesn’t trust this dude. So he gets busy sleuthing. He ends up finding out that Victor Royal, played by Jacques Bergerac, is actually an agent from KAOS. Forget about that marriage, 99.

How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying

Siegfried is back, baby! But he’s got some plans up his sleeve. See, the wily KAOS man comes to see the light and wants to quit KAOS. He tells Max that he’ll talk, big talk, about KAOS plans. The latest? KAOS is going to attack Fort Knox. Yikes! So, Siegfried keeps his “real” plan: He wants to kidnap every chief in CONTROL and hold them for a ransom payment. What will Max do?