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‘Gargoyles’: Beloved 90s Animated Series Getting Live-Action Reboot

‘Gargoyles’: Beloved 90s Animated Series Getting Live-Action Reboot

Gargoyles are set to spread their wings again after nearly thirty years after the original 90s cartoon ended. This time, however, the stone-by-day, warriors-by-night heroes will be live-action. The series is set to have some horror pedigree. Gary Dauberman, the director of Annabelle Comes Home, will be in charge of the series for James Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Wan is known for directing a plethora of horror films such as The Conjuring as well as superhero fare like Aquaman.

“The Gargoyles are out of the bag,” Wan wrote on Instagram. “Excited to be working with Gary again, on this! He’s a true fan.” Dauberman will be the executive producer, writer, and showrunner for the series. Wan will also join as an executive producer. Dauberman previously collaborated with Wan on various Conjuring spinoffs, including Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and The Nun. Dauberman also penned the recent It films, the first of which is the highest-grossing horror film of all time. He made his directorial debut with Annabelle Comes Home in 2019. The duo also worked together on the DC series Swamp Thing and are currently collaborating on Dauberman’s upcoming directorial venture, an adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

‘Gargoyles’ Had a Loyal Viewership in the 90s

Running from 1994 to 1997, Gargoyles garnered a devoted following due to its exceptional writing, animation, and its unique, darker approach to cartoon action. The animated series also had some horror bonafide. Lead voice actor Keith David also starred in John Carpenter’s The Thing and They Live. Also voiced by Salli Richardson, Jeff Bennett, and Ed Asner, the original animated series spanned 78 episodes. It revolved around nocturnal gargoyles who safeguarded New York City against supernatural threats.

Gargoyles had another 90s TV staple embedded in the cast. Also among the voice actors were Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, who played Commander Riker and Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Disney Previously Had a ‘Gargoyles’ Film in Development

The Gargoyles continued their adventures in comic book form during the 2000s. In the early 2010s, Disney tried their hand at developing the series into a feature film. However, those plans fell through. No word has dropped on when the live-action series is expected to debut.

Atomic Monster played a key role in the success of the 2023 horror sensation M3GAN. They are currently working on bringing the award-winning comic The Good Asian to TV. They are also developing a feature adaptation of the popular horror video game Dead by Daylight. Wan’s superhero sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for release on December 20th. Meanwhile, the release date for Dauberman’s Salem’s Lot has not yet been scheduled.