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‘Friends’ Tops TV Streaming Charts in Wake of Matthew Perry’s Death

‘Friends’ Tops TV Streaming Charts in Wake of Matthew Perry’s Death

In the wake of Matthew Perry‘s death, Friends earned the No. 1 spot on U.S. streaming services, new data indicates. Looking at numbers for the week of Oct. 30-Nov. 5, viewers in the United States tuned in to see the show. The show is available right now on Max.

JustWatch compiled a lot of information together, resulting in Friends outdistancing other streaming shows. Coming in second was All the Light We Cannot See (Netflix) and Gen V (Amazon Prime Video). This information is all according to an article from Variety.

After being on Netflix for five years, the show moved to Max, where it is exclusively shown. In honor of the memory of Matthew Perry, after news broke of the actor’s death on Oct. 28, Max added tribute cards before each season.

It’s worth mentioning that JustWatch ranking protocol is simply based on self-reported data from users. So, there is a difference between JustWatch and Nielsen’s Streaming Content Ratings. Meanwhile, Friends is not found in Max’s top 10 shows. WBD indicates that content must be recently added to Max in order for the show to be considered as part of the ranking.

‘Friends’ Originally Was Big Ratings Winner For NBC

Friends originally aired on NBC between 1994-2004. The show’s plot involves six New Yorkers who actually live in the same apartment building. They include David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Perry.

Friends happens to have been created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who was executive producer for the show. Kevin Bright, who works with Bright/Kauffman/Crane Prods., also served as executive producer, too.

In the days since Perry’s death, there has been an outpouring of love toward him and his family. His co-stars and fellow actors and actresses are remembering the good times with statements of condolence.

Hours after news broke regarding Perry’s death, Saturday Night Live did a very tender tribute to the actor. In his monologue, Perry encouraged New Yorkers to go down and do their best to imitate the Friends‘ dance in the fountain. Perry hosted SNL back in 1997. Among the sketches of note was a spoof of…Friends.

On the following Sunday night after Perry died, singer Adele stopped her Las Vegas concert to pay tribute to Perry.

“It is always so shocking, especially someone that made you laugh and who brought so much joy to your life that you don’t know. This is what I find so strange,” she continued. “I never met him in my life. There is something, you feel so sad about it especially because you don’t necessarily know what was going on.”