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‘Frasier’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

‘Frasier’: The 5 Best Episodes According to IMDB | Do You Agree?

A lot of viewers grew to love Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers over the years, so getting Frasier on the air included a built-in audience. Kelsey Grammer has been playing Frasier forever, it seems. He’s still doing it in a reboot of the classic series. For our purposes, though, we will be turning back the clock for the OG series.

Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, the late John Mahoney, and Moose the dog made up the regular cast. Yes, Moose (who played Eddie) had his fair share of scene-stealing moments.

A lot of solid writing and incredible rapport between cast members made Frasier must-see TV. During its 11-season run between 1993-2004 on NBC, Frasier won 37 Primetime Emmy Awards. Fans tuned in every week to see Frasier and Niles bicker with each other over wine and work.

‘Frasier’ Brings Together Unlikely Cast

Roz (Gilpin) had to keep Frasier’s radio show on its feet as its producer. Daphne (Leeves) found herself going from helping Martin (Mahoney) around the condo to falling in love with Niles. As for Martin, you could find him in his favorite chair enjoying a cold beer. Oh yes, he’d welcome Moose’s nudges or please for petting.

Frasier proved to be the most successful spinoff from Cheers. No other show that tried to draft off of Cheers‘ massive success didn’t work at all. Frasier did, though.

Over the years, fans have rated their favorite episodes on IMDb. Let’s see what the Top 5 are and you can see if they rate highly in your Frasier fanbook.

‘The Ski Lodge’

Talk about crossed wires! In this Season 5 episode, Roz gets a ski lodge trip (all free) for herself. But she’s gets talked into trading it for a big-screen TV with Frasier. Now, he decides to take everyone up there. This includes Daphne and her swimsuit model girlfriend Annie. When they get there, Guy, a gay ski instructor, falls for Niles. Annie wants Niles. Yet Niles wants nothing to do with this twosome. He wants to declare his love for Daphne. But she’s got the hots for Guy. Guy, though, thinks that Daphne and Annie are a couple. A night full of romantic activity takes place. Nothing gets settled, kind of. All that Frasier is left with is that no one is “lusting” after him at all.

‘Ham Radio’

Taking charge of a situation outside his control is nothing new for Frasier. In this Season 4 episode, though, it revolves around an old-time radio drama. KACL, his home station, is turning 50 years old. Our trusted psychiatrist friend gets the dubious role of directing an old-school radio drama. Pretty soon, everything goes sideways. Bulldog (Dan Butler) gets stage fright. Roz’s mouth is fully filled with Novacaine, so she’s out. Niles has to replace an actor using six accents in the show. And, to top all that off, Gil sees a monologue chopped from his role. It’s a mess in Seattle, as Niles’s woes grow.

‘The Matchmaker’

Ah, the best-laid plans of people and Frasier go awry. This Season 2 episode sees Frasier all ready to “set up” Daphne with new station manager Tom Duran. Trouble looms, though. Frasier invites Tom up to his condo for dinner. See, Frasier wanted to set up a depressed Daphne with the new boss. It will not work because, well, Duran is gay. This is something Frasier does not know about at all. In fact, Tom believes that Frasier likes him. Ultimately, all the plans are thrown to the fireplace.

‘The Two Mrs. Cranes’

For this Season 4 episode, Daphne has a visitor in her ex-fiance Clive. Things pick up quickly. Clive calls Daphne to see her. She ends up telling Frasier and Martin that she wasn’t able to break up with him. Daphne added that she told him if they were single after some time, then they’d possibly get back together. Well, she ends up telling Clive that she’s married to Niles. Some foreshadowing for longtime fans.

‘Moon Dance’

Here’s a good one from Season 3. Niles is getting the itch to date again. He invites a woman to a ball filled with very important people. Niles freaks out, though, because he can’t dance. Daphne ends up giving him some dance lessons. So, the woman cancels, leaving Niles to ask Daphne to go. It leads to a pretty fantastic scene of Niles and Daphne dancing a tango.