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‘Frasier’ RottenTomato Scores: Critics Pan It, Fans Praise It

‘Frasier’ RottenTomato Scores: Critics Pan It, Fans Praise It

The Frasier reboot is officially in full swing. The first two episodes dropped yesterday (Oct. 12), and fans are already loving it. Critics, however, aren’t feeling the same. 

RottenTomato scores are posted. The TomatoMeter is at 54%. That number has been steadily dropping since the reviews started coming in earlier this week. The audience score, however, is impressively holding at 90%.

Fans are happy about one major consensus—the reboot feels like an extension of the original. After all, when we revisit our favorite old-school characters, that’s what we want. 

“I love this show,” one person wrote. “It doesn’t feel like a reboot. It is just like the next season of the original.” 

“So good to see Kelsey back as Frasier. As a long-term fan of his character going back to his 1st appearance in Cheers in 1984, I couldn’t wait to see where he was in his life,” another person shared. 

Other reviews noted that the writing is strong, and the content is light, wholesome, and quirky. As we all know, it’s hard to find shows like that these days. One person noted that it’s nice to “never have to wonder about what will be onscreen when my kids walk into the room.” Another fan raved that the series is “refreshing and nostalgically comforting.”

Critics Miss The Former ‘Frasier’ Supporting Characters

Then, there are the critics. 

When the professional reviews started pouring in, Frasier was barely holding onto a “fresh” score in the low 60s. Today, the score remains on a downward spiral. Critics seemed to expect something else when they tuned into Kelsey Grammer’s reboot of a spinoff (yes, Frasier is a spinoff of Cheers.) The most common gripe among them is the characters. Frasier is the only main character to return as a regular. And the critics can’t get over Niles, Martin, Daphne, and Roz. 

“How one longs for Niles,” Jan Moir from Daily Mail (UK) somberly mourned.

“When Frasier isn’t on screen, the show feels like a below-average sitcom — there’s no hook to it, nothing that makes these characters spring to life like Niles, Martin, and Daphne did decades ago,” added Ben Travers from IndieWire

The TomatoMeter is also filled with criticism about the jokes and the storyline.

“Perhaps we should’ve known that scrambled eggs wouldn’t keep for 19 years,” Vanity Fair’s Joy Press jabbed.

Catch the Reboot on Paramount Plus

The new episodes of Frasier show the loveable and snobbish psychiatrist in Boston. In an effort to reconnect with his son, Freddy, who also lives in the city, he takes a job at Harvard. The series shows a whole new list of characters that are similar to those of the 90s. You can watch the first two episodes on Paramount Plus today. The remaining installments will drop every Thursday.