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‘Frasier’: Here’s a Look at the Reboot’s New Characters

‘Frasier’: Here’s a Look at the Reboot’s New Characters

Starting today (Oct.12), Frasier Crane is back on TV. The stuffy psychiatrist has closed down his old radio show and moved to Massachusetts to become a professor at Harvard. 

Unfortunately, Frasier is the only OG character to return to the screen—though it’s rumored that Roz’s Peri Gilpin and Lilith’s Bebe Neuwirth will make appearances—but the writers managed to replace our favorites with new characters who have eerily similar personalities, and it seems to work. Read on to meet the new supporting roles.

Freddy Crane

Frasier’s only child, Freddy Crane, joins the cast as the new blue-collar to Frasier’s high-brow ways. Freddy, played by Jack Cutmore-Scott, dropped out of Harvard to become a firefighter. As one could assume, that wasn’t the path Frasier hoped for. So, the two have a bit of a broken relationship. The personality clash is similar to the one between Frasier and Martin, who was a retired police detective. 

David Crane

Niles and Daphne’s son, David, is also a mainstay in the series. David, a college freshman, is enamored with his uncle, so he follows him to Boston to attend Harvard. David replaces Niles as a hilariously neurotic intellectual who both identifies with and irritates Frasier. 

Anders Keith makes his screenside debut playing the role. 

Alan Cornwall

Alan Cornwall, played by Nicholas Lyndhurst, is a Harvard professor who gets Frasier his job at the university. The two are old college friends who stayed in touch behind the scenes during the original show. Alan is a boisterous character who drinks lots and cracks plenty of jokes. Alan seems to fill the part of Bulldog—just in a more sophisticated manner. 


The new Roz comes from the head of Harvard’s psychology department, Olivia, played by Toks Olagundoye. The slightly eccentric boss keeps Frasier’s antics under control. She also consistently butts heads with Alan. However, it comes with many laughs as they try to match each other’s wit. 


Jess Salgueiro plays Eve, who appears to fill the void of Daphne. Eve is Freddy’s roommate and close friend. She’s also the bartender at the characters’ local haunt. Following the story of Niles and Daphne, David has an obvious love for Eve. The calm peacekeeper helps Freddy and Frasier work through their non-stop fighting. 

How to Watch the ‘Frasier’ Reboot

Paramount Plus is home to the new Frasier. The first two episodes drop tonight (Oct. 12). The following installments will be released every Thursday.