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’Frasier’ Reboot RottenTomatoes Score Finally Revealed

’Frasier’ Reboot RottenTomatoes Score Finally Revealed

After months of uncertainty and anticipation, the Frasier reboot is finally hitting the screen—and the RottenTomatoes score is in. Does the new series live up to the original? Kind of. 

Frasier officially kicked off on Oct. 12. Critics, of course, got a sneak peek at the series. They gave their thoughts on the popular review site. Overall, the average score is 65%, which falls in the “fresh” zone. But the actual opinions are all over the place. 

Jasper Rees, a RottenTomato Top Critic from the Daily Telegraph (UK) gave Kelsey Grammer’s return a 5 out of 5. He gushed that “Frasier’s magnetic complexities, the snobbish ego, and laughable need, are still there, cryogenically preserved.”

Fellow Top Critic Nick Curtis from London Evening Standard noted that “It’s not breaking any new ground, but this reboot stays true to what made Frasier popular and funny, and manages to age the character and his concerns without jumping the shark.” He gave the reboot a 4 out of 5. 

Several other critics mentioned that Frasier stays true to its roots. So, the original fans will appreciate the humor and characters. 

Other reviews, however, are absolutely scathing. 

Major Critic Says Nothing Can ‘Justify’ the ‘Frasier’ Reboot’s ‘Existence’

“The show needs more jokes and less earnest emoting, at the very least,” wrote Time Magazine’s Judy Bergman. “Still, I’m not convinced that any amount of tweaking would be enough to justify its existence.”

Ben Travers from IndieWire mused the story is nothing without supporting characters Martin, Niles, and Daphne. 

A couple of other critics shared the sentiment that the new Fraiser only makes them miss the old Fraiser

The critics have ultimately come in with mixed reviews on the revival, whereas the original series earned an impressive 95% TomatoMeter score. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the show will disappoint audiences. It isn’t uncommon for the TomatoMeter and Audience scores to be drastically different. For example, the Haunted Mansion remake currently has a 37% from critics and an 84% from viewers. And who can forget when The Terminal List made headlines for earning 40% from critics and 95% from fans?

The Frasier reboot puts Frasier Crane in Cambridge, MA, where he lands a job at Harvard University. His son, Freddy, joins the list of new supporting characters. The first two episodes aired on Thursday, Oct. 12. The remaining installments will drop weekly.