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‘Frasier’ Reboot Has a Monster 22-Page Scene

‘Frasier’ Reboot Has a Monster 22-Page Scene

A director always faces a challenge when working with actors on a particular scene, but Frasier had a monster of one. The scene in question rolled out in Episode 6 of the Frasier reboot and totaled 22 pages. When working together on a scene like this, it’s important to have actors and cameras all lined up.

Director Kelly Park, who was the mastermind of this episode, didn’t mind taking credit for her own work here. “It really allowed me to prove to myself that I am a technical director,” Park told The Wrap in an interview. “Kelsey Grammer was wonderful because he collaborated with me and was with me all the way. It was really divine… they just let me play, let me create, and allowed me to delve into what Frasier used to be and bring it back home.”

In the show’s episode, which is titled Blind Date, Frasier talks about a woman with his son Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott). They are both looking to woo away June, played by June Diane Raphael.

‘Frasier’ Director Talks About Challenges on Show

Park understands the challenge it takes to make sure a 10-scene segment works.

“In the multi-cam world, traditionally what we do is we have two days of taping. There’s a full taping dedicated to taping certain scenes and then you have a live studio audience,” she explained. “With Frasier, we do camera blocking on one day and we’re not filming anything and then we wait for the live studio audience to actually shoot everything. So that’s challenging.”

Park said that she learned the value of pre-planning. Especially when doing a show in front of a live studio audience. For Park, pulling off the episode was all about pre-planning as much as possible ahead of the live studio audience.

“You have to make sure that your camera crew and your cast is all in sync. It’s all about timing. So really taking that time with your crew and the cameras and setting everything up just right, because once we’re live, we’re live baby,” she said. “You had to be on your A-game all the way. It was a wonderful experience.”

What’s the set-up for this episode? The inspiration goes way back to when Frasier and his dad Martin Crane (John Mahoney) were dueling for Ronee Lawrence, played by Wendie Malick.

Park Says Cutmore-Scott Created His Own Energy

“They just absolutely nailed it,” Park said. “I remember Jack saying he didn’t want to push it too far where he was imitating or mimicking anyone. So he just created his own energy and his own vibe and he was brilliant at it. Kelsey Grammer was so kind and generous with his time and he respected me, and I really, really love that. I can’t wait to do more.”