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‘Frasier’: Eddie the Dog’s 5 Most Memorable Moments

‘Frasier’: Eddie the Dog’s 5 Most Memorable Moments

If you are a fan of Frasier (the original series, not the reboot), then you know about scene-stealing Eddie. This character made himself known all the time. After all, with four legs you tend to move around a lot. Eddie happened to have been Martin Crane’s faithful Jack Russell terrier. And he was a terror, at times, to Frasier Crane.

There were times when Eddie made viewers smile and even laugh. In case you didn’t know, then the lovable dog’s real name was Moose. For our purposes, though, he’s lovable Eddie. Here are five of Eddie’s most memorable moments from Frasier.

Give Him Some Antlers (A Frasier Classic)

Back in the show’s first season, Frasier, Martin, and Daphne got together for a Christmas photo. As it turns out, someone else wanted to join in the festivities. While the three of them get together arm in arm, Eddie sits on a table with some fake antlers on his head. Maybe Frasier isn’t too keen on having Eddie in the picture. But he’s not moving and probably finds himself right in the picture there. Just another fun episode of Frasier.

Get Away From My Newspaper

Frasier does his best to read the newspaper in The Gift Horse. He’s sitting there in the middle of a sibling battle with Niles. And he’s trying to get his mind off of it. Why not read the paper? That’s a good idea. Unless Eddie is right by your side. Frasier, who has no true love for Eddie deep inside his soul, turns a page. Eddie paws at the paper, interrupting Frasier. Then the man goes back to his reading… only to be interrupted by the dog. It’s a battle of wits, one that Frasier simply wants to win.

So Much For The Dating Life

It’s like Christmas without it being Christmas for Frasier. He has three straight dates over three straight nights. Frasier has hit a home run. Yet Martin is striking out with his lady. When they break up, it leaves Frasier having to deal with the wreckage. Martin shows up and that upsets Frasier’s date. She ends up storming off, leaving her dinner untouched. Well, guess who decides to swoop in and take it? Yes sir, our favorite dog Eddie. He has a knack for being at the right place at the wrong time…sometimes.

Stop Staring At Me

In Mixed Doubles, we see that Niles looks like he’s going to take another run at dating Daphne. She just broke up with Joe and soon finds herself seeing another guy. No, not Niles. But we have another plot thickening and it has to do with the battle between Frasier and Eddie. Frasier has decided to take his battle up another level. What does he do? Stare down at Eddie. This battle of wits goes on for a bit. Frasier is helping against all hope that he can gain the upper hand in his war. Alas, though, he proves no match for Eddie. Dog wins again.

Stuck In A Funk

Eddie is depressed and happens to take up an entire episode with it. When everyone sees that the usually active pooch is just not feeling it at all, they look to professionals for help and support. As it turns out, even they could not fully diagnose what was going down with Eddie. In the episode, it’s Eddie who is front and center all the way through.