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‘Everybody Loves Raymond’: Why the 90s Sitcom Ended Too Soon

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’: Why the 90s Sitcom Ended Too Soon

Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton were integral players as Everybody Loves Raymond came to an end on CBS after an impressive nine-season run – but why was the series canceled?

Romano played Ray Barone, a sportswriter who tries his best to find a work-life balance. Of course, it doesn’t help much when his mother Marie (Doris Roberts), and father Frank (Peter Boyle) drop by all the time. After all, they live right across the street. And lest we forget Ray’s brother Robert (Brad Garrett), who shares his ups and innermost downs with Ray and anyone who will listen.

Why Did ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ End?

If a sitcom makes it to nine seasons on a network, the cast may feel like they’ve done a great job. They have, of course. But was there a shot to have more episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond? Absolutely.

Unlike other popular series, Everybody Loves Raymond didn’t end because it was unsuccessful or because there was a rift between crew members. Instead, the series’ creator, Phil Rosenthal, decided it was better to go out on top. He felt that they were running out of good ideas for the show and, rather than allowing it to decline in quality, he pulled the plug.

Ray Romano Taps Into Stand-up Material

Ray Romano found a way to transfer his standup material, in a way, that brought more people giggles. Watching Roberts and Boyle almost steal scenes from Romano and Heaton is a sight to behold. Sadly, Roberts and Boyle are both dead. But their work is still beloved by millions.

TV Land consistently airs reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, pairing it up with Kevin James’ The King of Queens.

Romano has mined his own life’s circumstances to find his comedy. In an interview with Parade, he talks about living at home to a rather older age. He admitted that he lived at home until he was 29 years old.

“That was my life! I lived in my mom’s house and moved out the day after I got married,” Romano said. “And let me tell you, I have a 25-year-old son still living at the house in L.A. and another who’s 30 and moving out. But I have quite a different house than the one I grew up in. For that one, we had one bathroom and [the house] was about 1,600 square feet. I shared it with my mom, dad, and two brothers. My kids have a theater, 11 bathrooms, a pool, and tennis courts. I don’t think they want to go anywhere, ever.”

In nine seasons, Romano and the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond showed off multiple sides of the family dynamics. Yes, the cast did win Emmy Awards for their work. And Romano has turned his television success into time on the big screen.

Ray Romano Recalls Auditioning for ‘NewsRadio’

Of course, Romano has had his fair share of success but he’s also suffered losses, too. He relates one story about him and his connection with the NBC hit show NewsRadio. “So, I’m 36 and wondering if it’s ever going to happen. And this audition came up for an NBC sitcom starring Phil Hartman,” Romano said.

“I knew it would get on the air. And I got it,” he said. “But at the table read, I could feel that the magic I had at the audition wasn’t quite the same. And then on day one at the rehearsal, I felt it even less. By the second day, I was in over my head. Now I’m in L.A., and my wife is in New York with the kids. My phone rings at 6:30 a.m. and it’s my manager telling me the old line: ‘They’re going in another direction.’ I got fired, and Joe Rogan took my place.”

Despite this career blunder, Ray Romano did quite well with Everybody Loves Raymond, even though the series eventually had to end. It brought ratings success to CBS and put Romano and that show’s cast on the map. Now, people want to work with Romano…and that’s a byproduct of his success in TV and stand-up, too.