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Eat Like the Fonz! ‘Happy Days: The Official Cookbook’ on the Way

Eat Like the Fonz! ‘Happy Days: The Official Cookbook’ on the Way

Have you ever wanted to cook like “The Fonz” cooks or an Arnold’s dish? Let’s get you in touch with some Happy Days. Get ready to pick up your copy of Happy Days: The Official Cookbook. It’s been put together by Christina Ward and will be available for purchase on April 16.

Before you put your order in, though, maybe we should take a gander at what’s here. It will offer more than 90 recipes that have a definitive 1950s American flavor to them, Remind Magazine reports. As for the recipes themselves, readers can check out Blueberry Hill Pancakes, Joanie’s French Toast, and Chachi’s Mom’s Spaghetti and Meatballs in Red Sauce. Take notes, too, of Mrs. C’s Favorite Pot Roast.

What about a drink to go with the food? Let the orders for a “Sugar Lips” Smoothie or even one for Ralph Malph’s Cherries Jubilee. In the cookbook, some of these food items will be listed as “From Arnold’s Menu.” Go ahead and maybe get together Fonzie’s Favorite Fried Onions or Arnold’s Slow Cooker Chili.

‘Happy Days’ Trivia Pops Up In Book

While you are digging those food and drink orders, check out the trivia questions. They are there, couched along with photos of the Happy Days cast and how the food is supposed to look.

This cookbook will have recipes for all levels of cooks. You will get a chance to show your stuff in the kitchen, too. Maybe you will find yourself going “Ayyyyy!” after completing a fresh dish.

Happy Days recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the show’s first appearance on ABC. Fans got a chance to see the evolution of Henry Winkler’s iconic role. It’s a good legend to believe Winkler always wore a black leather jacket on Happy Days. But that didn’t happen. During the show’s first and second seasons, Fonzie was a side character. Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross), Potsie Weber (Anson Williams), Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran), and Ralph Malph (Don Most) got more camera time.

Of course, you cannot leave out Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) who kept things pretty much in check.

At some point, Fonzie was getting more on-screen time. Winkler took Arthur Fonzarelli to another level, and the show’s fans followed along. Happy Days became so hot that show producers thought a name change to Fonzie’s Happy Days would help. When Howard heard of it, he told them that he’d rather go back to film school and leave the show. Producer Garry Marshall, as the story goes, caught up with Howard after his meeting. He listened to Ron and dropped the whole thing.

Sitcom Produced Several Spinoffs

Howard and Winkler were close friends, even as the show’s direction changed. Before the eighth season of Happy Days, Howard did leave but returned upon the show’s final episodes. Happy Days produced spinoffs like Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Joanie Loves Chachi, Out of the Blue, and Blansky’s Beauties. The Moran-Scott Baio sitcom didn’t last too long. But Cindy Williams, Penny Marshall, Robin Williams, and Pam Dawber found success with their shows. And, yeah, forget about Jimmy Brogan and Nancy Walker, at least in their sitcoms.

Pat Morita played Arnold, who ran Arnold’s Drive-In. Then Al Molinaro, who was best known for playing Murray the cop on The Odd Couple, joined up to run Al’s. Happy Days even introduced some catchphrases into society, such as “Sit on it,” “Exactamundo,” and “Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa.”

In the years after Happy Days ended its network run on ABC, the show started falling into reruns. Sadly, Bosley, Moran, Morita, Molinaro, and Gavan O’Herlihy, who played Chuck Cunningham, have died from the show’s original cast. Getting the cookbook, though, will kick in some sweet memories and maybe add a few pounds to your waist.