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‘Dawson’s Creek’: Eagle-Eye Fan Spots Massive Error with Christmas Episode’s Snow: VIDEO

‘Dawson’s Creek’: Eagle-Eye Fan Spots Massive Error with Christmas Episode’s Snow: VIDEO

More than 20 years after Dawson’s Creek came to an end, a fan of the teen drama series noticed a massive error in one of its Christmas episodes. 

Pointing out the error, one of our favorite 90s Instagram accounts posted that the episode’s snow wasn’t actually snow. “Man Dawson’s Creek think we wouldn’t notice…” the Instagram account, 90skid4lyfe, pointed out. The caption in the video reads, “Dawson’s Creek had no budget for snow…” and shows the show’s characters walking through the snow and looking like they are stepping on something else.

Followers of the Instagram couldn’t help but laugh at the discovery. “Can’t believe I missed that,” one follower declared with multiple cry-laughing emojis. Another one added, “This is hilarious now as an adult.” 

Dawson’s Creek follows two childhood best friends, Dawson and Joey, as they go through adolescence together. The duo’s friendship has its ups and downs as they both struggle with their feelings towards each other and date other people. It first premiered in January 1998 and ran for six seasons (128 episodes) before coming to an end in May 2003. Starring in the series were James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson. 

James Van Der Beek Believes a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion Would Be Tricky 

During a May 2023 interview with Insider, James Van Der Beek spoke about why he believes that a Dawson’s Creek reunion may be a no-go for his former castmates. 

“I don’t know,” Van Der Been explained. “It would be a tricky thing to do. It was a tricky show to make even back then.”

The actor noted that Dawson’s Creek had a very specific tone and he doesn’t know what would be replicable or doable. “It was Kevin Williamson’s creation that came from his heart,” Van Der Beek continued. “And he is a brilliant writer who was able to be self-aware and yet sincere all at the same time.”

Van Der Been also admitted that he doesn’t let his children was Dawson’s Creek. “They’re a little too young, I think, and so they have not watched the show,” he said. However, his 12-year-old daughter Olivia watches another teen drama series. “My daughter watches Gilmore Girls’ with my wife.”

The Dawson’s Creek star went on to add that he’s planning to rewatch the series to make sure it is age-appropriate before allowing his children to watch. “I haven’t watched the show in so long, so I’ll need to go back and probably investigate at what age it would be appropriate.”