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‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’: 3 Stellar Moments for Mary Tyler Moore

‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’: 3 Stellar Moments for Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore provided many so wonderful moments while portraying Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show. Viewers got to see Moore go from a worrisome, crying wife to dancing her way around the Petrie den. It definitely didn’t hurt that Moore was a prolific dancer in her day. Yet the interaction between her and Rob Petrie, played by Van Dyke, was so good. There were many solid moments for Moore, but we’re going to pick out three stellar ones.

My Blonde-Haired Brunette

In what would be the first episode to truly highlight Mary Tyler Moore, Laura decides to spice up her marriage. How so? By becoming a blonde. While the idea might have been a good one, as it turns out, it becomes a disaster. Laura is distraught about it. Rob can’t believe it when he comes home. Millie talks Laura into changing her hair color. But Laura is not happy at all with how it turned out. Rob comes home and Laura walks out of the bedroom with her hair half back to normal. We also get a glimpse at Mary Tyler Moore’s ability to cry.

My Part-Time Wife

With Sally out of the office, Laura fills in and does a good job. She does such a good job that it starts to drive Rob crazy. In fact, he becomes downright jealous of Laura. That’s when some sparks, and not the romantic type, fly. Mary Tyler Moore does an excellent job of portraying Laura in this type of environment.

Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth

Laura goes with Millie to be in the crowd for a nationally televised show. As it turns out, Laura finds herself with the show’s host. She reveals that her husband works for Alan Brady. But she also drops a bomb by telling the audience that Alan is bald. That was a secret, a closely guarded secret. Not anymore. The episode’s final minutes see Laura standing in front of Alan, played by Carl Reiner. Alan eviscerates Laura, and Rob gets up there pretty much after Alan gets on her. Mary Tyler Moore is excellent in this episode. She plays off of Reiner quite well.

Mary Tyler Moore Took ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ to the Next Level

While these three give Mary Tyler Moore more of a spotlight, other episodes in the series let her show off some dance moves. One memorable episode is when everyone starts learning about the Twizzle dance. Her wide range of emotional and physical comedy is an asset to the show.