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Happy Birthday David Schwimmer: The ‘Friends’ Star’s Funniest Moments as Ross

Happy Birthday David Schwimmer: The ‘Friends’ Star’s Funniest Moments as Ross

Friends star David Schwimmer turned 57 on November 2nd. And while Schwimmer has found plenty of success outside of Friends, many people remember him most for his portrayal of “Ross” on the beloved sitcom.

Ross’ best moments were often at his own expense. From getting stuck in a pair of leather pants to a bad teeth-whitening incident, when Ross made us laugh, it was always at him, not with him.

Happy Birthday, David Schwimmer! Here are a few of our favorite ‘Ross’ moments…

“The One With Ross’ Tan”

Season 10, Episode 3

In this episode, Ross decides he wants to get a sweet new spray tan. After all, it totally looked great on Monica. However, once inside the tanning booth, things go awry, and Ross accidentally sprays himself a few too many times.

“The One With Ross’ Teeth”

Season 6, Episode 8

Similar to the tanning incident, here Ross gets his teeth whitened. Seems pretty harmless, right? Wrong. His teeth somehow turn out too white, causing him to feel self-conscious before a big date.

He tries to hide his new smile throughout the date. But when his date happens to have a blacklight in her room, his secret is out and the date is over. Amazing.

“The One With All the Resolutions”

Season 5, Episode 11

There’s a bit of a theme with the classic Ross “bits.” Ross does something simple to try to cheer himself up, it goes poorly, and then hilarity ensues.

In this episode, Ross gets himself a fancy pair of leather pants.

While on a date, he gets a little too sweaty in said pants, and then he can’t get the pants back on after he goes to the bathroom. He tries to use some powder to make things work, but uh, it just makes matters worse.

“The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance”

Season 6, Episode 4

In this classic, Ross takes a job as a professor and is nervous to speak in front of his large classroom. Without meaning to, he begins to speak in a British accent on the first day due to nerves.

He keeps up this act until Monica walks in on his class and ruins his secret in the process.

Even better, he comes clean to his class about why he did the accent: he just wanted to make a good first impression and was nervous. Then, Rachel bursts into the room and screams at him because she’s upset they’re still married. It’s never easy for Ross.

“The One With the Cop”

Season 5, Episode 16

This is the “pivot” scene. One of the most famous Friends scenes of all time, and for good reason, as it’s absolutely hilarious.

So hilarious, in fact, that the blooper version is arguably even funnier. Even the actors couldn’t help but laugh at this one.