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David Letterman Returning to ‘The Late Show’ As Guest

David Letterman Returning to ‘The Late Show’ As Guest

In another sign that you can go home again, David Letterman will head on back to be a guest on The Late Show on CBS. This marks the first time since Letterman signed off eight and half years ago that he’ll be back in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Maybe they will lower the temperature just for Dave, who historically kept temps down low in there. Anyway, you can look for Letterman and host Stephen Colbert to talk about things on Monday, Nov. 20. This marks the first time that Colbert will interview Letterman, Deadline reports.

Here’s a little history lesson for you guys. The Late Show with David Letterman started up on CBS back in 1993. That happened on the heels of Letterman’s very publicized exit from NBC. Letterman had Colbert on his show back in April 2015 when Colbert was named the new Late Night host.

David Letterman Has Been Busy With Netflix Show

Since leaving regular network television, Letterman has been hosting a Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Some people might think that it’s very strange and odd to have Letterman go back to his old show. While that’s true, there is some precedent for former hosts to return.

For instance, Jack Paar was one of the original hosts of The Tonight Show on NBC. Paar’s departure from that show in the early 1960s opened the door for Johnny Carson to take over. Years later, Paar made an appearance on Carson’s show. Both men seemed to be glad to see one another. Of course, one of Carson’s big gifts was to put the guests in a good light.

Remembering Letterman’s ‘Late Night’ Show

Letterman was a late-night staple from 1982 through 2015. Late Night with David Letterman provided some of the funniest and oddest TV spots you’d ever see. One night, David must have thought this would be a trip. They took a chimpanzee, put a camera on its head, and let him run around in the studio. What was it called? The Monkey-Cam.

Then, you cannot leave out some of the personalities that helped Late Night become a must-see TV. Early on, fans loved to see Larry “Bud” Melman make an appearance on there. Calvert DeForrest played Melman in public appearances. Chris Elliott made a name for himself by tackling different characters. He’d put a wig on and learn how to make that work.

Letterman also introduced the ever-popular “Late Night Top 10 List” segment. Whether it was a big hit or a dud, viewers just loved to hear what writers came up with for that night’s show.