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5 Classic Sitcom Families We All Wanted to Join

5 Classic Sitcom Families We All Wanted to Join

Throughout the history of television, there have been shows that highlight the classic TV family experience as part of the storyline. Viewers get a chance to see Mom and Dad deal with their troublesome yet lovable children in different ways. Let’s take a look at five classic sitcom families and see how they stack up if you want to join them.

The Bradys

Imagine having a couple of parents like Mike and Carol Brady, who love their children so much. If you joined this classic TV family on The Brady Bunch, then you definitely would not be alone. Three boys and three girls, eh? Well, you would have to fit into a crowded bedroom situation.

The Bunkers

Oh boy, talk about finding your place in this classic TV family on All in the Family. You would have to put up with Archie’s ranting and bickering about society and life. Yet I believe the secret weapon in this family, for anyone joining it, is Edith. Just watch how much she loves Archie. Even in his cantankerous state, she still finds something to love about him. Remember how Archie was when a child joined the show? We believe he’d find a soft spot in his heart for another one.

The Cleavers

Leave it to Beaver is a perfect television example of the all-American family from the 1950s. Ward went to work every day while June stayed home, did chores, and fixed dinner. Wally and Theodore (the Beaver) went to school and hung out with their friends. It all is just perfect. Of all the classic sitcom families, fitting into this one would probably be easiest. Again, Mom and Dad love their kids but also are aware of the need for guidance.

The Waltons

Right away, becoming a part of The Waltons means you have a LOT of brothers and sisters. In addition, you also will be able to connect with your grandparents. If you are looking for a lot of guidance, then you could not go wrong in joining the Walton classic TV family. John might be a firm taskmaster, but he will love you in his own way. Olivia will provide the motherly love but she will not be afraid to set up boundaries.

The Partridges

OK, before you smirk at this, let’s break it down a bit. Shirley Partridge is single and takes part in the family’s musical act. She has to deal with teenagers and a smart-aleck middle schooler in Danny. Plus she has two younger kids that get attention from Keith and Laurie. This classic TV family is filled with love and their fun music is a reflection of how they see the world. It would be pretty hip to become part of The Partridge Family.

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Classic TV Sitcom Families

While we’ve pointed out a few families that you might like to join, there are a few others that deserve attention. Maybe you grew up watching Growing Pains and loved the Seavers. Alan Thicke seems like a pretty cool dad. Then again, the Keatons over on Family Ties might have been your jam. Maybe some of you would like to hang around with the Huxtables on The Cosby Show. One more for the road: the Andersons from Father Knows Best.