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‘Cheers’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘Cheers’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

Some people like to go hang out in a place where others will know your name, a place which might resemble Cheers. People love to catch this classic TV show starring Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Kirstie Alley, and others. When it originally ran on NBC, it was one of the network’s most popular shows. It regularly showed up among the top 10 shows in the Nielsen ratings. Fans could not only keep up with the different characters there but even unique storylines.

Where to Watch ‘Cheers’

If you are looking to catch up with the Cheers gang, then you can do it on Pluto TV. There are other streaming platforms that carry the show. They include:

The Sitcom’s Star-Studded Cast Helped Make It a Classic

Cheers got off to a good start on TV with Danson anchoring a cast that also included Rhea Perlman as Carla Tortelli and Nicholas Colasanto. The back-and-forth between Sam and Coach Ernie Pantusso (Colasanto) helped keep the show hopping. But there were other regulars at the Cheers bar who added their own flavor to the show. George Wendt established himself as Norm Peterson while John Ratzenberger appeared as Cliff Clavin. It was a pretty smart thing to have people respond when Peterson enters the bar and everyone yells “Norm!” This usually followed with a pithy reply from him about his day.

Viewers also got their first chance to see Kelsey Grammer appear as Dr. Frazier Crane. His rather stuffy, intelligent character was a perfect foil at times for those at the bar. Of course, his wife Lilith, played by Bebe Neuwirth, would be alongside to zing him here and there. As fans of the show know, the producers managed to give Grammer a very popular spinoff titled Frasier.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that Long appeared in the show’s early seasons as Diane Chambers, who worked at Cheers. She’s also a romantic interest of Sam, and their relationship plays out for fans to watch.

But the show suffered a loss when Colasanto died. Producers were able to replace him with Woody Harrelson playing Woody, who worked behind the bar. His portrayal of a rather naive person provided comedy relief for the show. Long would leave Cheers, opening the way for Alley to come aboard as Rebecca Howe.

‘Cheers’ Remains a Beloved Series to This Day

The show has endeared itself to fans over the years. They have grown attached to seeing their favorite characters in different situations. One of the side storylines has Sam dealing with the restaurant owner above the bar. It made for some contentious banter and moments when they would butt heads.

Remember the time Norm needed to find his wife Vera a job? Yeah, he found one for her at that restaurant above his favorite hangout. Pretty soon, Norm found that situation to be too close for comfort. Heck, he even tried to avoid her on the stairs leading up to the street. Just another fun moment among the many from Cheers.