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‘Cheers’: Norm’s 5 Best Moments

‘Cheers’: Norm’s 5 Best Moments

If you watched Cheers and were looking for the life of the party, then your gaze pretty much fell on Norm Peterson. Norm, played by George Wendt, always made a grand entrance into the Boston bar. Everyone would break out into yelling “Norm!” after he greeted everyone. When asked how his day went, Norm usually reared back and offered a pithy comment or two. There were some special, funny moments on the show involving Norm. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Norm Brings A Turkey…And Vera

In the episode titled Thanksgiving Orphans, the entire Cheers gang gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Norm, of course, makes his presence felt. Just to show that he’s part of the family, Norm brings a turkey to get cooked and ready to eat. Oh, he also brings Vera, but a strategically placed pie keeps viewers from seeing her face.

Vera Needs A Job, So Here Comes Norm and the Cheers Bar

Norm takes his seat at the Cheers bar and is bugged about something. He shares with the gang that his wife Vera has lost her job. What can she do? Well, Norm starts talking about Vera’s plight. As it turns out, the restaurant upstairs is looking for a hat check girl. She goes to check it out and, eventually, gets the job. That puts her right within striking distance. At one point, Norm goes out to the stairwell and panics. He sees Vera at the top of the stairs.

Give Him His Celtics Jacket

In the episode Where Have All the Floorboards Gone, Boston Celtics legend Kevin McHale makes a return visit to the bar. This time, he brings a special Boston Celtics jacket for Norm to wear. In the meantime, we see McHale try to keep up with Cliff in bar trivia. One question had to do with how many bolts are in Boston’s famed parquet floor. This sends McHale into a tizzy as he starts counting them during a game.

Grab Your Paint Brush

Norm, now unemployed, has run up quite the tab at Cheers and Rebecca isn’t happy about it. Sam suggests that Rebecca give Norm a job at the bar to pay off the tab. She decides to let Norm paint her office. In the meantime, Rebecca and Norm start talking to each other. We ultimately see Norm in a new light thanks to this episode.

Norm Has Too Much Work On His Hands at the Cheers Bar

Norm finds himself getting swamped with a lot of calls for painting work. It is much more than one man can possibly do. What does Norm end up doing? He decides to hire three workers to join him. But they don’t really put the oomph into their work. That leads Norm to create Anton Kreitzer, an alter ego.