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‘Boy Meets World’: Top 5 Hilarious Moments From the TGIF Sitcom

‘Boy Meets World’: Top 5 Hilarious Moments From the TGIF Sitcom

It’s the TGIF sitcom that had millennials home on a Friday night, and now we’re taking a look back at the top 5 hilarious moments from Boy Meets World. 

The sitcom, which premiered in 1993 and ran until 2000, followed two siblings Cory (Ben Savage) and Eric (Will Friedle) Matthews as they navigated through middle and high school as well as college. The duo did this with friends Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel), and Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) by their side. They also received the best advice from longtime teacher George Feeny (Willian Daniel). 

Boy Meets World gained so much popularity over the years that the sitcom eventually received a spinoff, Girl Meets World. The spinoff followed Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley as she took the same journey of adolescenthood with friends. The show hit the Disney Channel in 2014 and ran for three seasons before wrapping up in 2017. 

Here are the top 5 most hilarious moments of Boy Meets World.

1. The Feeny Call – ‘Boy Meet’s World’s’ Final Episodes Moments

Who can forget the famous Feeny Call? Boy Meets World took a look back at the Feeny Call during the show’s final episode, Brave New World Part 1. It features Eric calling to Mr. Feeny in the most hilarious ways. Eventually, Feeny would finally admit that he loved the Feeny Call. Of course, Eric then presents him with a Feeny Doll that makes the Feeny Call. See the hilarious clip below.

2. Eric and Jack Dress Up Like Women

In an effort to avoid a group of bullies, Eric dresses up like a woman in the Boy Meets World’s What a Drag episode. He ends up convincing Jack to also dress up to avoid the bullies. Somehow the leader of the bullies becomes attracted to Hunter, which obviously draws both laughter and absolute horror from the sitcom’s live audience. In the end, Feeny walks in and declares, “He’s pretty and you look like a bison” to Eric. “Hmm… Double D’s just like your grades.” 

3. Eric as ‘Plays With Squirrels’ 

In the Boy Meets World’s episode, Seven the Hard Way, Eric reveals his alternate personality – Plays With Squirrels – following his graduation. After the ceremony, Eric decides to change his name, give up his possessions, and live as a hermit. He is also seen dressed up like Noah and declares he is married to a moose (and no, they don’t need counseling). Plays With Squirrels then presents a book he wrote, Mi Manifesto or The Secret of Life, which only has the quote “Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.”

Eric – I mean, Plays With Squirrels – attempts to utilize his Feeny Call, but struggles after not using using it for a while. Eventually, Eric returns and goes back to his normal self. However, he reprises the Playing With Squirrels on a Girl Meets World episode.

4. ‘Eric, Do You Thing I’m Fat?’

In the Boy Meets World episode She’s Having My Baby Back Ribs, Topanga asks Eric if he thinks she’s fat as they are eating a pizza and sandwich. He immediately says “yeah” and then asks her if she’s going to finish her pizza. After calling him out for his own weight situation, Topanga decides to make a pact with Eric to lose weight. She gives the example “If I have a candy bar, I’ll come to you.” To which, Eric responds with, “And then we can share it.” Eric eventually agrees to dieting with Topanga, but says he doesn’t want to tell anyone. As she walks away, Eric tells Topanga, “See ya, Fatty.” 

5. Eric Attempts to Sneak Attack Topanga 

In the Boy Meets World’s episode, Angela’s Men, Eric decides to sneak attack Topanga after she beats him up in his apartment. During his attempts, he dresses up as a woman and even attacks Angela’s father. He then gets more elaborate with his sneaking and ends up dressing up as a tree, being trapped in a food display, and appearing in a painting before trying to jump Topanga once again.