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‘Bewitched’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

‘Bewitched’: Where to Stream, Watch Episodes

Bewitched has enchanted viewers with its storyline of a witch making life a bit easier and crazier for her non-witch husband for years. People may remember when the Elizabeth Montgomery-starring show initially ran in the 1960s and 1970s. The cast provides viewers with a range of actors and actresses that keep the magic cooking. This is one of those shows where you can catch an episode and be entertained for hours on end.

Where to Watch ‘Bewitched’

You can catch episodes of Bewitched on the following platforms:

What Makes the Classic Series a Witchy Good Time

So, what makes Bewitched so endearing all these years later? One reason might be the kind of innocence that it displayed at times. The back-and-forth between Samantha (Montgomery) and her husband Darrin proves delightful. It’s Darrin who finds himself caught in a spot when one of Sam’s spells goes haywire. Then, of course, he has to deal with Samantha’s mother Endora, beautifully played by Agnes Moorehead.

Longtime fans of this show are well aware of the two Darrins situation. In case you are not, then here’s a synopsis. Dick York played Darrin for the show’s first seasons, even seeing it go from black-and-white to color episodes. York’s facial expressions were delightful and he played a frustrated husband really good. York, though, had injured his back years earlier and his health was not good. It’s been reported over the years that York collapsed on the show’s set and was taken away by a stretcher. He never came back to the show. That’s when Dick Sargent stepped in without missing a beat.

Well, there were many others involved in the cast. Who could forget the amazing Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur, popping in and out and causing “Sammy” some angst at times? Maurice Evans played Maurice, Samantha’s father. He always spoke in a proper English theater-type voice. Marion Lorne shows up as Aunt Clara, who can come off as a bit of a lovable ditz. We cannot leave out the nosy neighbors the Kravitzes, played by Sandra Gould and George Tobias. And we cannot forget about the Stephens kids, Tabitha, played by Erin Murphy, and Adam, played by brothers Greg and David Lawrence.

My goodness, Darrin, of course, worked for Larry Tate, played by David White. Samantha, when taken ill, always knew to call upon Dr. Bombay, played by Bernard Fox, to do his best to heal her up. The show always had something going on and you better believe Sam was going to twitch that nose a couple of times. After all these years, Bewitched does hold up and remains one of classic TV’s best sitcoms.