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Ben Affleck Raked in $10 Million for Nostalgia-Filled Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck Raked in $10 Million for Nostalgia-Filled Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck followed up last year’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad with a fresh one for 2024 and reportedly made some serious dough. In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl ad, Affleck chases his pop star dreams, taking inspiration from his superstar wife, Jennifer Lopez. And this time, he’s got a little help from his A-list crew.

The new ad even calls back to last year, when J-Lo went through Ben’s Dunkin’ drive-thru window. “Last year she came to MY work. Now I gotta show her what I can do!” Affleck tells a stunned Jack Harlow.

This leads to Ben Affleck, along with Tom Brady and Matt Damon, crashing Jennifer Lopez’s recording session. The mission? To form the ultimate middle-aged Boy Band.

Dunkin’ Feels Justified Paying Ben Affleck Serious Dough for Their Super Bowl Ad

After the Oscar-winning director and actor portrayed a Dunkin’ drive-thru worker in a Super Bowl commercial last year, the breakfast chain experienced a sales boom. Dunkin’s president Scott Rudin weighed in on bringing Ben Affleck back to the table for a Super Bowl ad.

“We ran it once and got 7 billion media impressions, and it kind of kickstarted the year,” Murphy, recently told Entrepreneur about the 2023 spot. “The brand is just in the conversation,” Rudin continued. “It just really feels in the fabric of things now.”

In addition to starring in it, Affleck played a key role in conceptualizing the ad’s creative concept. The spot was produced and directed by Artists Equity, Affleck’s production company that he co-owns with Matt Damon. According to CNN, Dunkin’ made a significant donation to Affleck’s nonprofit organization, the Eastern Congo Initiative, as part of the agreement to have Affleck involved in the project.

It is a rarity, even in Hollywood, to receive an eight-figure paycheck for just a few days of work. However, it is not completely unheard of. There have been reports that Larry David was allegedly paid $10 million to star in a Super Bowl ad for FTX in 2022. High-profile celebrities such as Affleck and David seldom lend their support to products or participate in endorsement deals within the United States. This exclusivity contributes significantly to their staggering incomes.

The Super Bowl drew over 115 million eyeballs last year. Brands are willing to drop millions for just a few seconds of airtime for that captive audience. In this era of streaming and smartphone addiction, live TV has become the ultimate gem in the media crown.