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Beloved 90s Series ‘Northern Exposure’ Finally Hits Streaming: Here’s How to Watch

Beloved 90s Series ‘Northern Exposure’ Finally Hits Streaming: Here’s How to Watch

For fans of ’90s TV shows, there’s some good news as Northern Exposure is now a part of the streaming stratosphere. Rob Morrow starred as Dr. Joel Fleishman, a New York doctor who had to move to make-believe Cicely, Alaska. That’s because his medical school agreement said he had to go there.

Talk about a fish out of water! Fleishman had to learn about living among the moose and people in Alaska. It’s quite a culture shock from being in the Big Apple.

The show ran for six seasons on CBS, providing a boost to the network’s lineup. If you want to see all six seasons of Northern Exposure, they’re all streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

There were a lot of interesting characters in Cicely. Fleishman would see a lot of them through his medical practice. He also met them while getting used to his new surroundings.

Janine Turner, Barry Corbin, John Corbett, John Collum, Cynthia Geary, and Peg Phillips were among the other stars of Northern Exposure. The show was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey.

‘Northern Exposure’ Has Been Available on DVD

Fans have known that the show has been available on DVD and Blu-ray for some time. Having Northern Exposure available on streaming, though, opens the series to a wider audience. Also, there may be some people who don’t collect DVDs or Blu-rays anymore.

There has been some chatter about a reboot for the show. In this version, Fleischman reportedly comes back to Sicily for a funeral. While he’s there, he ends up meeting new people who have their own idiosyncrasies and weird ticks about them.

Northern Exposure may not find itself among the pantheon of legendary television shows. Much like when it originally aired, though, the show remains a cult favorite. Back in 2020, a few cast members gathered at the Vulture Festival to talk about their time working on it.

Barry Corbin Reflects on Hit 90s Series

“Your chance of having a hit television is probably as good as your chance of going to space and circling Earth,” Corbin said at the 2020 Vulture Festival, per Deadline. “The casting fit, the location fit, (and) the music fit. Everything fit.”

Due to the uniqueness of this show, the subject matter on Northern Exposure would go from the ridiculous to the sublime. Morrow noted that when he spoke up. “The weirdness just came and went,” Morrow said. “I never thought of it as weird, it was just idiosyncratic.”

Turner called the show “intellectually stimulating” and it allowed women’s roles to go beyond regular network norms. Corbett said that he noticed that Northern Exposure attracted different viewers over time.