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‘Beetlejuice’ Alums Michael Keaton and Catherine O’Hara Reunite at Oscars Ahead of Sequel

‘Beetlejuice’ Alums Michael Keaton and Catherine O’Hara Reunite at Oscars Ahead of Sequel

Beetlejuice duo Catherine O’Hara and Michael Keaton had a spooky reunion at the Oscars, teasing their return in the much-anticipated sequel.

The actors wisely avoided saying the ghost with the most’s name three times. Nevertheless, they graced the stage to the sound of the 1988 film’s score and appropriately presented awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, the very category their film Beetlejuice triumphed in at the 1989 Academy Awards. This year’s accolade was bestowed upon Poor Things.

Catherine O’Hara and Michael Keaton remained on the Oscar stage to announce the winner of Best Production Design, which was also awarded to Poor Things.

During the Sunday ceremony, O’Hara captivated onlookers with her elegant appearance in a form-fitting black sequin gown that accentuated her figure. To complete the outfit, she wore a stunning diamond necklace and matching earrings, bringing a touch of glamour to her look.

Meanwhile, Keaton looked sharp for the special evening, dressed in a timeless black tuxedo paired with a crisp white dress shirt and a sleek black bowtie.

Michael Keaton and Catherine O’Hara Oscars Reunion Comes on the Heels of ‘Beetlejuice 2’

The duo’s reunion occurs 36 years after Beetlejuice‘s release in 1988. They starred alongside Winona Ryder, Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones, and Alec Baldwin.

Winona Ryder will be rejoining Keaton and O’Hara for Beetlejuice 2, tentatively titled Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. The movie also stars Jenna Ortega, Willem Dafoe, Monica Bellucci, and Justin Theroux in new roles. Ortega plays Lydia’s daughter, portrayed by Ryder. Meanwhile, Dafoe reportedly plays an afterlife law enforcement officer, and Bellucci embodies Beetlejuice’s wife.

The sequel reunites Ortega with Tim Burton, who directed Wednesday, along with co-showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Filming wrapped up in Vermont in November. Burton’s upcoming venture involves remaking the 1950s sci-fi cult favorite, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

Keaton recently revealed that he and director Tim Burton were initially cautious about reteaming for a sequel to the classic film. However, he said they ended up having a lot of fun working on it.

“We thought, ‘You got to get this right. Otherwise, just don’t do it. Let’s just go on with our lives and do other things.’ So I was hesitant and cautious, and [Burton] was probably equally as hesitant and cautious over all these years,” Keaton recently told People. “Once we got there, I said, ’OK, let’s just go for it. Let’s just see if we can do it, if we can pull this off.’”

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice will be haunting theaters starting Sept. 6…