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Barney Sends First Message to Fans in 14 Years to Celebrate ‘Love Day’

Barney Sends First Message to Fans in 14 Years to Celebrate ‘Love Day’

Barney the Dinosaur still loves his fans and shows sharing is caring in a new Valentine’s Day message on social media. After nearly 15 years, the iconic purple dinosaur mascot engaged in his first conversation with viewers since the final episode of Barney and Friends aired back in 2010. One can imagine that it delighted millennials in arrested development across the country.

“Hi, Friends! It’s me, Barney! I haven’t seen some of you in a long time, but I always make sure to check in on my friends,” Barney began. “And it seems like, maybe, we could all use a little reminder right now. A reminder of the super-dee-duper ability we all have to love one another. And how important it is to show love towards yourself too.”

Barney then focuses his message on the importance of taking care of oneself. “After a long day on the playground of life I want you to know, you are seen, you are special, you are loved,” he continues. Making it clear this message is for adults, he adds “Isn’t it nice how some things are still true, even when you’re all grown up?”.

Before ending the Instagram Love Day video, Barney teases upcoming projects. “[I have] a feeling I’ll be seeing you again soon!”, he warns.

Barney’s Love Day Message is a Tease for a Slew of Upcoming Projects for the Purple Dinosaur

Barney’s Love Day message teases Mattel’s upcoming relaunch of Barney. The relaunch includes a new animated series, Barney’s World, coming soon to Max. It also includes a live-action feature film with Daniel Kaluuya, and kids’ products like toys, books, and clothing.

Of course, after the runaway success of last summer’s Barbie movie, the venerable toy manufacturer plans to relaunch essentially every property they have access to. Reportedly, there are also films in the works for the card game UNO and Polly Pocket, alongside a slew of others.

The Daniel Kaluuya starring Barney film is expected to be aimed at adults. Mattel Films exec Kevin McKeon claimed the new Barney movie would be “surrealistic”.

“We’re leaning into the millennial angst of the property rather than fine-tuning this for kids. It’s really a play for adults,” McKeon told The New Yorker. “Not that it’s R-rated, but it’ll focus on some of the trials and tribulations of being thirtysomething, growing up with Barney. Just the level of disenchantment within the generation.”