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‘Arrested Development’: Henry Winkler’s Most Hilarious Moments

‘Arrested Development’: Henry Winkler’s Most Hilarious Moments

Henry Winkler’s hilarious portrayal of the Bluth family’s lazy lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn on Arrested Development made him a fan favorite. The show, which debuted in 2003, centers on the wealthy, self-absorbed, and eccentric Bluth family. Their lives are upended when their patriarch, George Bluth (played by Jeffrey Tambor), is arrested for fraud.

Arrested Development is a series with a cast of flawed characters. Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) constantly faces disbelief, frustration, and indignation as he deals with his dysfunctional family and the pursuit of the truth about his father’s alleged crimes by lawyers and law enforcement.

Barry Zuckerkorn, the family lawyer played by Henry Winkler, is a constant frustration for Michael in Arrested Development. Despite his incompetence, foolishness, and financial burden, Barry’s laid-back attitude still entertains viewers familiar with the show’s predictably disastrous characters. Here are some of the character’s funniest moments on the show.

Kicking it off is a scene from a season one episode of Arrested Development, called “Justice is Blind“. The family is filled with joy upon learning that George has been offered a plea bargain by the DA just a day before his trial is set to commence. However, when questioned about the plea bargain, Barry draws a blank. He was preoccupied the previous evening with his attempts to… reenter the dating scene. Needless to say, Barry’s approach to dating is somewhat questionable.

Barry refers to his engagement with sex workers when he mentions “dates,” leading to his eventual arrest. The show brilliantly satirizes his double life as a law enforcement officer who constantly breaks the law. Barry’s sexual experimentation also results in multiple arrests for the beleaguered attorney.

Another Hilarious ‘Arrested Development’ Moment from Henry Winkler

Perhaps related to his adventures with ladies of the night, in another episode, Barry seeks advice for a mysterious lesion on his face. “No, I know! I know! Everybody says leave it alone! Hey, does this look contagious to you? Hey, kiddo!” Barry absently scratches the swollen black bump on his head, then carelessly brushes against George Michael’s chest. The boy’s eyes widen with fear, concerned about catching a contagious skin disease. Reacting quickly, George Michael (Super Bad‘s Michael Cera) discreetly brushes off his shirt to avoid any contamination.

Winkler’s portrayal of Zuckerkorn swiftly endeared him to Arrested Development fans. Despite being initially planned as a minor character, the Happy Days star revealed on social media that Barry’s role evolved into a substantial presence, appearing in 32 out of the series’ 84 episodes.

“I was supposed to be on 1 or 2 episodes of [Arrested Development]”, Winkler wrote on Twitter. “I stayed 5 years. Right off the bat, I improvised: Sitting with the Bluths, on the table were pastries. I slowly moved them to the edge and let them fall into my briefcase,” he recalled.