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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito Team Up for ‘Twins’ Reunion During Super Bowl LVIII

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito Team Up for ‘Twins’ Reunion During Super Bowl LVIII

State Farm premiered its long-awaited Super Bowl ad, reuniting Arnold Schwarzenegger with Danny DeVito, his co-star from Twins and Junior. The advertisement features the Terminator star donning a vibrant red State Farm polo shirt as he performs heroic acts, including rescuing a pregnant woman, saving puppies from a blazing fire, engaging in paragliding, and piloting a helicopter.

Despite Schwarzenegger nailing the action moments, the director of the ad notices an issue. The Austrian actor’s accent consistently alters the pronunciation of the word “neighbor,” resulting in it being said as “Like a good ‘neighbah,’ State Farm is there.” As a result, the commercial’s director frequently corrects Schwarzenegger’s enunciation.

The director and Jake From State Farm then engage in a lively discussion about the distinction between ‘neighbor’ and ‘neighbaaa’.

Danny DeVito Corrects Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Line Readings in State Farm Super Bowl Ad

Ultimately, as the commercial graces the movie theater screen, right before Schwarzenegger utters the line, DeVito interjects flawlessly, skillfully accentuating the “or” in “neighbor.” The camera then moves to the two actors sitting in the theater audience. Schwarzenegger leans towards DeVito and refers to him as a “backstabbah.”

However, Danny Devito can’t help but correct Arnold Schwarzenegger one last time in the Super Bowl ad. “I am a ‘backstabber,’” DeVito quips.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito Are Still Game for a ‘Twins’ Sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are forever linked in the 1988 comedy film Twins. The story revolves around genetically engineered fraternal twins separated at birth. It was a massive hit, grossing $111 million domestically and ranking fifth in the highest-grossing films of that year.

In 1994, Schwarzenegger and DeVito reteamed with Twins director Ivan Reitman for Junior. The movie focuses on Alex Hesse, an Austrian-American scientist who willingly takes part in an experiment involving a newly developed drug called Expectane, leading to male pregnancy.

A belated sequel to Twins, Triplets, is currently in the works. However, the project faced a setback when the original movie’s director, Ivan Reitman, passed away in 2022. Reitman was set to return for the sequel, which would have focused on the discovery of the brothers’ triplet status. Although Eddie Murphy was initially rumored to join the cast, Tracy Morgan has been reported to take on the role instead.

However, this Super Bowl ad will have to tide fans over until Arnold Schwarzenegger with Danny DeVito can reteam for a film.