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ALF Set to Return to TV as A Special Guest on ‘Impractical Jokers’

ALF Set to Return to TV as A Special Guest on ‘Impractical Jokers’

The guest lineup for a new season of Impractical Jokers will include an icon of the 1980s in that favorite alien ALF. Yes, ALF, the “alien life form” who torments cats in his spare time, makes a return to TV. Impractical Jokers is a hoot as we all watch friends try to make their other friends crack up laughing.

Hosts James “Murr” Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian “Q” Quinn get a big kick out of this show. When it comes back on for a new season, a familiar face will not be there. Joe Gatto is no longer a part of the action.

Getting ALF to make an appearance in one episode is a pretty big deal. When you see ALF on your TV, know that it’s the original puppet. There were no substitutes used for this episode.

ALF Return Psyches Up ‘Impractical Jokers’

Quinn headed over to Instagram, where he dropped a photo of his buddies and ALF all standing together. He wrote back in January 2023, “We usually like to keep surprises under wrap, but this one was too special to us not to blab. We got ALF to come on Impractical Jokers for season 10. It was surreal and wonderful to work with someone who meant so much to my childhood. Gordon and I talked. No more eating cats. Those days are over for ALF.”

“Very special day. Can’t wait to talk in detail about this. Come see us on tour and hear about it. We officially start the new live show in a month(ish).”

Murray offered a little more insight into how they got ALF to make an appearance, according to Remind Magazine. “Are you ready for this? To get ALF, we had to get the puppet a first-class ticket on a plane,” he said. “No joke. Because you can’t check him, he’s too valuable. And you can’t fit him in the overhead.”

Hopefully, the guys will make sure ALF keeps to his word and leaves the cats alone. No one needs to hear him say, “Here kitty, kitty,” while he is on Impractical Jokers. ALF ran for four seasons between 1986 and 1990 on NBC. Paul Fusco was the puppeteer, writer, director, and producer of the TV show. Other stars included Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, and Benji Gregory. Michu Meszaros was the man inside ALF when he started running around on the sitcom. Sadly, Meszaros has since passed away.

Iconic TV Show Ended Run After Four Seasons

Reportedly, ALF ended its run after four seasons because Wright and Schedeen were tired of the long filming days. In addition, there was some scuttlebutt that they weren’t happy the best lines went to the puppet. Still, if you can find ALF on TV, then it’s worth taking a look at for old time’s sake.

Sure, it’s pretty cool to have this cultural and television icon appear on the show. Yet would you believe the guys have more visitors lined up? They sure do. Among them are Kim Fields from The Facts of Life, singer-dancer Paula Abdul, former Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan, Roy Wood Jr., and Joey Fatone.

Jason Sarlanis, who is president of Turner Networks, offered his two cents about the impending season. Impractical Jokers has found its home on truTV.

“Sal, Q, and Murr have taken the hilarity and embarrassment of their antics to the next level this season,” Sarlanis said. “Fans have made Impractical Jokers truTV’s longest-running comedy and we are confident that this upcoming season will deliver some of the most outrageous segments since the series began.”