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‘A Different World’ Cast Reunion Tour Set For Popular ‘Cosby Show’ Spinoff

‘A Different World’ Cast Reunion Tour Set For Popular ‘Cosby Show’ Spinoff

Get ready for a 1980s-style flashback when the cast of A Different World gets together for a reunion tour this year. In doing this, the cast members hope they can influence students to attend an HBCU. That acronym stands for “Historically Black Colleges and Universities.”

For this tour, organizers and participants said that they wanted to give people more info on HBCUs. Providing backup in the form of the cast of A Different World helps get the word out to more people than they are at this time. If more African Americans were aware of this option, then more might go to HBCUs in the long run.

As for the cast from the show, A Different World stars include Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer, Charnele Brown, Dawnn Lewis, Glynn Turman, Sinbad, and Emmy Award winner Jasmine Guy. Show producers Susan Fales and Debbie Allen also will be along for the moment, Remind Magazine states.

Cast of ‘A Different World’ Points Out History

“The cast of A Different World has come together to celebrate our 35-year legacy and make more history with today’s HBCUs and tomorrow’s leaders!” Bell said in an interview with People.

Cast members, along with the PGA Tour’s presenting sponsors, will start up a scholarship program. This program will help students get more chances to have an HBCU experience.

This tour will start on Thursday, Feb. 29, at Atlanta University, which is home to Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College. Look out for the A Different World tour to stop in Washington, D.C., and Montgomery, Alabama. Washington is home to Howard University, while Montgomery is home to Tuskegee University and Alabama State University. This will take place in April.

Originally a spinoff from The Cosby Show on NBC, Lisa Bonet moved to this new series for just one season as Denise Huxtable. Still, the show had a big following from African Americans and delivered ratings for the network. A Different World followed Denise Huxtable to Hillman College, which was a fictional HBCU in Virginia.

“Our mission goes beyond nostalgia. We’re on a quest to raise awareness and enrollment for HBCUs nationwide. By leveraging the star power and cultural impact of A Different World, we aim to inspire a new generation to choose HBCUs as their academic homes,” a website dedicated to the tour stated. “We’re not just telling a story; we’re rewriting the narrative.”

Show Also Offered Other Actors Chance To Stand Out

The show ran between 1987 to 1993, giving other actors like Jada Pinkett Smith and Keenan Ivory Wayans a chance to show their acting abilities.

Guy talked about her experiences on A Different World in a 2023 interview with The Tower.

“We were right in the pocket of what it was like between ages 18 and 21, which so many changes happened during that time, and I thought we were able to address not only very important social issues, but personal issues,” Guy said. “Homesickness, loneliness, isolation, things that kids experience when they first leave their homes. So I always felt very connected to the college experience in that way.”

Bell also talked about his own experience on the show and some family connections. “My dad was a pioneer in municipal finance and was around all of these political leaders, from David Dinkins to Harold Washington and Tom Bradley, and Jesse Jackson, and all of these folks, so the idea of being a change agent, an advocate for the Black community, civil rights, and equality, was something that was just a part of my everyday life,” Bell said. “So it was familiar territory for me when A Different World shifted to this beacon of advocacy, giving a voice to all of these different issues because I have been doing that all my life.”

Guy also suggested people donate to the HBCUs because there is a need for them, “I just want to encourage alum to give back to your school,” she said in The Tower interview. “Because a lot of the bigger universities have, you know, private organizations that are helping, and people are giving to that school, and I just want to remind people to do that.”