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5 Strangely Heartwarming Moments From ‘The Addams Family’ (1964)

5 Strangely Heartwarming Moments From ‘The Addams Family’ (1964)

Yes, they are forever creepy and kooky, yet The Addams Family always displayed a heartwarming side. Whether it’s Gomez and Morticia having a romantic few seconds or Lurch dancing with Wednesday, the family’s connection with one another helps them out. People from the outside world who come into theirs really don’t get what’s happening in that home. They do, though, and it all adds up to a level of love and respect. So, here are five heartwarming moments from The Addams Family.

Gomez Running Into Kiss Morticia

There are many times when Gomez, played by John Astin, is nearby and he hears Morticia, played by Carolyn Jones, break out into some French. It literally drives him wild and he leaps at the chance to kiss her arm. Not just any kiss, mind you. He starts at her wrist and moves straight up. This shows their passion is still alive.

Lurch Dances With Wednesday

In one episode, young Wednesday, played by Lisa Loring, decides to break out in dance. She starts swiveling her feet and then begins to almost do the Twist, a dance made famous by Chubby Checker. Lurch, played by Ted Cassidy, is standing nearby and she invites him to join her on The Addams Family. Lurch starts waving his arms wildly and it’s such a cool scene to see them, large Lurch and small Wednesday, dance together.

Uncle Fester Lights Himself Up

Uncle Fester, played by Jackie Coogan, just loves to play around with light bulbs on The Addams Family. On more than one occasion, he comes out of a room and goes to talk with Gomez. When he gets ready to leave, he pulls out a light bulb and puts it in his mouth. Of course, it lights up because Fester has that electric personality.

Thing Loves Getting The Mail

Who wouldn’t mind a Thing going to pick up the mail every day? That happens for The Addams family. Morticia is usually sitting in a chair and asks about the mail. All of a sudden, a small rectangular box opens up. She sees her Thing, which basically is a human hand coming up through the box’s bottom, and bring the mail. It’s a funny bit that does not take up too much time.

Gomez Loves His Trains on The Addams Family

When Gomez needs to let off a little steam on The Addams Family, he comes up with a really cool idea. We can find him at the reins of two different electric train sets. He starts one going left and another right. While he watches them twist and turn on the tracks, his eyes get wide and he’s ready to see them crash. Kaboom! It simply thrills him to no end and it’s heartwarming to watch a grown man be like a little kid.