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5 Classic TV Shows Every Nostalgia Buff Must Watch

5 Classic TV Shows Every Nostalgia Buff Must Watch

One of the best ways to spend a weekend is to relax on the couch with your favorite snacks and watch a nostalgic TV show. From shows you’ve seen a million times to ones you might have missed back in the day, there’s just something special about watching the classics. If you’re a nostalgia buff, and you’re on the hunt for something to binge-watch, we recommend any one of these iconic classic TV shows.

The Twilight Zone (1959)

If you’re looking for iconic, you simply can’t beat The Twilight Zone. Perhaps the greatest sci-fi television show of all time, The Twilight Zone is one of the first appointment television shows ever.

It’s filled with all sorts of disturbing twists and turns, making it the perfect watch on those dark and stormy nights. 

M*A*S*H (1972)

More than 100 million people tuned in to watch the series finale of M*A*S*H, making it one of the most-watched television broadcasts ever.

The show, which was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the 50s, covered topics of war using both humor and drama. 

The writing staff experienced quite a few changes, so the show sometimes lost its voice. But it’s easily one of the best and most classic TV shows of all time. 

Cheers (1982): A Warm Hug in Classic TV Show Form

The premise of Cheers is simple and sweet: a group of eclectic regulars hang out at a bar with one another and share what’s going on in their lives. And while the idea was gold on paper, it was the cast and the writing that made all 270+ episodes must-see TV.

Cheers was such a hit that it spun off two more shows: The Tortellis and Frasier. And while Frasier is a great classic TV show in its own right, it doesn’t quite match up to the original that is Cheers.  

The Golden Girls (1985)

There’s something magical about The Golden Girls that makes the show both super nostalgic and absolutely timeless at the same time. Aesthetically, the show couldn’t be more 1980s. But many of the topics that the show chose to tackle seem as relevant today as they were when the show first aired.

On paper, The Golden Girls is the total opposite of Cheers, as the premise doesn’t sound all that exciting. After all, who wants to watch four older women (sorry, Blanche) wrestle with the fact that they’re aging much faster than they’d like to?

Not only does the cast make it all work, but their chemistry is arguably unmatched by any other cast on any other hit show ever. Plus, the constant zingers and one-liners make this one of the most quotable shows we’ve ever seen. 

The Wonder Years (1988)

No matter what decade we grew up in, we all have those traditional childhood stories that we love to reminisce about. With that in mind, if you grew up in the late 60s and early 70s, The Wonder Years is the trip down memory lane that you’re looking for. 

An excellent coming-of-age of age drama, the show tells the story of what it’s like to be a teenager in a middle-class family. Like The Golden Girls, it’s one of the shows that is the perfect mix of nostalgia and relevance, which is what we all need in our lives sometimes.